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Your 5 Biggest Eye Cream Questions, Answered

In the beauty world, eye creams are almost as divisive as French manicures — people either swear by them or reject their premise outright. We spoke to a leading dermatologist to settle the debate on whether you need one (spoiler alert: probably). And if you do, what you need to know about using it. Below,…

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There’s a New Jelly in Town: Meet the J. One Red Jelly Pack

When J. One reveals a new jelly pack, we get all wiggly with excitement. Well, we’re practically vibrating over here because J. One’s new Red Jelly Pack has landed at Glow Recipe and it is major. For the uninitiated, Jelly Packs are single-step, multi-tasking skincare and priming products with (you guessed it) jelly-like textures that…

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