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The Glow In Ginseng

What is the buzz about Ginseng? Unique in its fleshy figure, Ginseng is valued for its almost “humanly” shape that is characteristic to the incredible body vitalizing effects it harbors. Prized for centuries as a medicinal favorite to restore health and circulation, this plant is most commonly found in Siberia, Northern China, and Korea. Ginseng is still…

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Skincare Routine Deep Dive: Getting An A+ In Glowing Skin

Skincare 101 is now in session! Between studying for tests, writing papers, going to class, volunteering, and socializing with friends, where is there time for a nourishing skin care routine? I know as a busy, constantly on the go student, bouncing between what seems like countless activities in a day, my skin doesn’t get all…

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Cushion Compact 101: What it is, Usage, Tips & Tricks

With the very recent launch of Lancome’s Miracle Cushion Compact in the US, joining the ranks of Amore Pacific’s Color Control Cushion Compact and Laneige BB Cushion, it’s official. The global cushion compact wars have started – and we expect customers everywhere to be the happy beneficiary of an increasing range of choices. Here’s a summary…

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