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What Sheet Mask Is Right For You?

No matter what your skin concern, from detoxifying to exfoliating to brightening, there’s a sheet mask designed to address it. But apart from your skin needs, sheet masks can also be customized to fit your beauty lifestyle. Wether you’re always traveling or are the queen of pampering, there’s a sheet mask for you. Here are…

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The Ultimate Skin-Cooling Treat

When the mercury tops 80, it’s all about a frosty facial indulgence. Our cooling treat of choice is a freshly mixed rubber mask. Not only does your skin reap all the benefits of the mask’s ingredients, it also gets the benefits of the cooling effect of the mask itself. It’s the perfect hot-weather self-care treat…

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7 Dos and Don’ts of Cleansing

Dirt, sweat, makeup, pollution — your face picks up a lot of grime throughout the day. And, if you don’t want them chilling on your skin and gunking up your pores, you’re definitely going to need to do a deep clean. Other than a daily dose of SPF, washing your face is one of the…

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