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Skincare Routine Deep Dive: Christine Chang

One of the most frequent requests we get from our customers is to recommend a skincare routine. And what better way than to take a peek into how others care for their own skin? We’ll be doing Skincare Routine Deep Dive posts on Glow Recipe’s blog on an ongoing basis, interviewing some of our friends…

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Refinery29: The Missing Step in Your Skincare Routine

We’re loving Refinery29’s recent article: The Missing Step in your Skincare Regimen With a recent slew of articles on essences, ampoules and serums – how and when exactly does one use all of these treatments? We break it down for you below (3 of these products were also editor-tested and recommended by Refinery29’s Joyce Kong!) WHO:…

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5 Ways To Glowing Skin with an Ampoule

So we’ve done a deep dive on essences vs. serums and essences toners vs. toners. And we thought it was high time to give a little love to another recent skincare hotword – ampoules. Ampoules are very concentrated treatments that are used to target skin concerns such as fine lines, dullness and rough texture, and…

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