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Cheers to 2017! K-Beauty Hangover Cures

New Year’s Eve is a night of celebration and hope for new beginnings. Before the drinks and bubbly flow tonight, here are our easy hangover beauty tips so that you can start off the first day of the new year with your best face forward. Preventative Prickly Pear Cactus Before and after your night out,…

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Korean Beauty Live On QVC with Glow Recipe

We’re so excited to announce that Glow Recipe will be live on QVC this week! We’ve both spent many a night sheet-masking & snacking with our moms in Korea and watching the home shopping network. In the US, we always knew that QVC would be such an amazing way to educate on the philosophy behind…

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Why Water Rubber Masks? Two Words: Face Gloss

We’ve been testing and launching products at a pretty steady pace as of recent, and as always, we are so excited to reveal another masking innovation. Personally, this is the product launch I have been most looking forward to. As a fan of Lindsay’s groundbreaking rubber masks, I didn’t think rubber masks could get any…

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Huxley Oil Essence: December’s Glow Gamechanger

glow gamechanger glow recipe

The Huxley Oil Essence is December’s Glow Gamechanger- a monthly product feature that highlights a treatment that’ll change your skincare game forever. For a limited time, shop the Oil Essence at a game-changing price here. In skincare, as in life, there are some combinations that just make perfect sense. In life, we have peanut butter and…

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