Boss Babes: Ally Maki, Founder of Asian American Girl Club

Ally Maki tells us about why she started AAGC, challenges she’s overcome, and spills some of her beauty secrets!

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Boss Babes: Anisa Telwar Kaicker, Founder of ANISA Beauty

Anisa Telwar Kaicker tells us about how she started ANISA Beauty, the challenges, and her biggest achievements.

Boss Babes: Britta Cox, Founder of AQUIS Hair Care

Follow along as Britta Cox tells us all about starting AQUIS, reaching her milestones, and her biggest inspiration.

Boss Babes: Bee Shapiro, founder of Ellis Brooklyn

Bee Shapiro shares her personal and professional goals, inspirations, and of course, her beauty secrets.

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Keep in touch with The Glow Edit

In The Bag: @breakfastatellies

Get to know Ellie from @breakfastatellies by taking a deep dive into her beauty rituals!

Boss Babes: Melissa, Deepa, and Jessy, Founders of Dagne Dover

We got to chat career with not one, but all three founders of Dagne Dover!

Boss Babes: Trinity Mouzon Wofford, Founder of Golde

As the youngest woman of color to launch a brand at Sephora, Trinity has a lot to share.

In The Bag: Juan of @juanskindiary

Read on to learn more about his personal self-care journey, how he spends his mornings, and what products he can’t go a day without.

Boss Babes: Myiesha Sewell, Sephora Beauty Director

Myiesha Sewell fills us in on how she ended up at Sephora, her beauty secrets, and more.