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The Ultimate Simplified K-Beauty Routine: Whamisa by Glow Studio 3-Step Skincare Kit

In collaboration with Whamisa, one of our favorite (and top-selling!) brands from Korea, we created a line of exceptional and simplified skincare products inspired by the soothing and hydrating properties of green tea. Presenting, the Whamisa by Glow Studio Green Tea Kit ($60)— an antioxidant-packed, multitasking, and pared-down K-beauty routine that covers all your skincare…

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Wake up on the bright side of the bed: Huxley’s Brightening Line

Huxley has deep moisturized your skin through the Hydration line while the Antioxidant line has smoothed and protected your complexion. Huxley’s next mission? To brighten your skin. Huxley’s new brightening line includes two staple products: the Brightly Ever After Essence and the Glow Awakening Cream. Working to even one’s skin tone and fight hyperpigmentation, this…

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