There’s a New Jelly in Town: Meet the J. One Red Jelly Pack


When J. One reveals a new jelly pack, we get all wiggly with excitement. Well, we’re practically vibrating over here because J. One’s new Red Jelly Pack has landed at Glow Recipe and it is major. For the uninitiated, Jelly Packs are single-step, multi-tasking skincare and priming products with (you guessed it) jelly-like textures that many call makeup-grippers. We’ve been longtime fans of the brand, and were so impressed by the original version of the JP that we named it one of our Glow Gamechangers.

Here’s everything you need to know about this scarlet skin-saver.

What It Does


The Red Jelly Pack is a true multi-tasker: It’s a makeup primer, anti-aging serum and anti-wrinkle ampoule in one. That’s a tall order for any product, but the powerhouse ingredients in it back up the claims. First, it’s loaded with astaxanthin, a type of red algae that has 6,000 times the antioxidant content of vitamin C. Which means your skin will be well protected against the free radicals that have been linked to premature signs of aging. On top of that, you’ll find cyanocobalamin, a form of vitamin B12  believed to aid in cell reproduction and reduce inflammation, as well as niacinimide to even out tone and maintain the your natural moisture barrier. Beyond protecting your skin, all of these antioxidants will also help keep your makeup from breaking down due to oxidation, which is what makes it such a good primer.

The Experience


To fairly assess the effect the Red Jelly Pack had on our skin, we applied it to only one side of our face. As directed, after cleansing, we dispensed two pumps of the pack onto our fingertips and patted it in, skipping our usual regimen of essence, serum, and moisturizer. The viscous liquid came out of the bottle a translucent pink color that immediately brought back memories of a pair of pink jelly sandals from our childhood. The jiggly texture can be particularly surprising if you’ve never used a jelly skincare product before, but it sunk into the skin in fewer than five minutes and left a lingering cooling sensation in its wake. Almost immediately our skin looked noticeably plumper, our pores appeared smaller and we had a rosy glow that was not present on the untreated side of the face. (That rosy glow comes from the use of ingredients like raspberry ketone which has a natural red color.) Don’t worry, it doesn’t make your skin look red — just a healthy, natural flush.

The true test, however, came when we applied makeup. We applied a foundation that we love — except for its tendency to break down halfway through the day, leaving our skin looking flaky, cake-y and patchy. Sure enough, after a few hours the foundation on the non-Jelly Pack side of our face had started to disintegrate, especially around the nose and chin. As promised, the foundation on the jellied side remained intact.   

What Makes It Different

jellypack_image1 copy

The original J. One Jelly Pack has been called a “corset mask” due to its ability to firm and tighten the skin under makeup during the day, and the Black Jelly Pack was designed to give similar benefits once the makeup comes off in the evening. But where the originals focused on lifting and firming, the Red Pack is more about protection and glow. In terms of texture, the Red Pack is somewhere in between the consistency of the white and black versions. It’s not quite as thick and sticky as the Black Pack, which was designed to be used overnight, but it’s not as watery as the original pack either. It also has subtle, clean citrus fragrance that sets it apart.

We’re firm believers that we can all use a little more jelly in our lives — and this anti-aging pack is just the product we needed to round out our bounty of bouncy skin care.

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