Forget Makeup Wipes: Cleansing Pads Are The Newest Way To Wash Your Face

Like any good beauty editor, I always preach the importance of washing your face. In addition to getting rid of all the bacteria and grime that accumulates on your skin throughout the day, a clean canvas ensures the rest of your skincare products will be able to perform at their best. Despite knowing this, though, I’m guilty of occasionally — gasp! — falling asleep without removing my makeup, and I pretty much never cleanse my face in the morning unless I take a shower. When I sheepishly admit this to dermatologists, they almost all, without fail, tell me go the makeup-wipe-remover route. “Just keep a pack next to your bed, and use one when you’re too lazy to do a full cleanse,” they all tell me.

While I understand that something is better than nothing, my problem with wipes is two-fold: They never really get rid of everything lurking on my face, and yet they still manage to leave it feeling stripped (think: squeaky clean without actually being squeaky clean). And TBH, it never occurs to me to use one in the morning — probably because they’re so often billed as “makeup removers.”


The latest brand to land at Glow Recipe — Harumada — is poised to change that. The line is all about providing results-oriented skincare products that fit into your busy lifestyle. (i.e., it’s the perfect fit for lazy beauty lovers like me.) To wit, Harumada’s take on the traditional wipe is more akin to a convenient way to double cleanse than a mere makeup remover. It offers two versions: the Triple Balance One Step Cleansing Foam Pad and the Triple Balance Morning Cleansing Pad. Both are triple-layered, 100-percent cotton pads soaked in hydrating hyaluronic acid and micellar cleansing ingredients [read: tiny oil molecules that latch on to surface oil and grime so they can be wiped away, no water needed].


I tested the Cleansing Foam Pad, which is actually more like a mini mitt for your fingers and is soft on one side and slightly bumpy on the other for gentle exfoliation, at night. As the name suggests, it really did transform from a cleansing water into a cleansing foam almost instantaneously and removed every trace of makeup and dirt in seconds. I did find out that unlike a wipe, though, I had to get out of bed to rinse my face. Still, it took significantly less time and mess than doing a full double cleanse.


When I woke up the next day, I wiped down my face with the Morning Cleansing Pad. I was skeptical because my face already felt clean from the Foam Pad the night before, but any doubts I had were, well, wiped away in a single swipe. The Morning Pad, which Harumada claims will “optimize your skin before makeup,” is a fluffy, fully drenched circle of hypoallergenic cotton. The cooling sensation against my skin was so refreshing that I went over my face way more times than I needed to, and when I was done, there was still so much product left on the pad that I ran it over my neck and décolletage and down each arm. The hydrating effects were instantaneous — so much so that I almost forgot to apply serum. From now on I’ll be keeping a stash of these next to my bed to use first thing in the morning.

Anyone else love a good lazy-girl beauty hack? Are you excited to try these cleansing pads?

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