What Sheet Mask Is Right For You?

No matter what your skin concern, from detoxifying to exfoliating to brightening, there’s a sheet mask designed to address it. But apart from your skin needs, sheet masks can also be customized to fit your beauty lifestyle. Wether you’re always traveling or are the queen of pampering, there’s a sheet mask for you. Here are our favorite picks for your skin personality.

The Self-Care Savant

This is for the gal with candles for every occasion, a wealth of inspiring podcasts, a bounty of inspirational books, and bath salts for days. She lives for Sundays and TLC is priority number one. Her sheet mask of choice? The Make P:rem Comfort Air Sheet Mask, which is ultra-nourishing thanks to a cocktail of calming Chamomile extract, a rejuvenating Oxygen infusion, and healing Nordic Berry extract. Skin is left feeling smooth, soft, and of course, comforted.


The Natural Beauty

She wouldn’t dare touch produce that’s not organic and she chooses natural when she can. She believes in the power of nature and clean skincare. Her mask of choice is the Whamisa Organic Fruits & Tomato Fermented Hydrogel Sheet Mask. Soaked in skin-plumping botanical serum, this sheet masks drenches skin in hydration and healthy nutrition for instantly glowing, clear skin.

The All-Nighter

Always up for a night out, she knows the best places for happy hour and the hotspots for post-happy hour and beyond. Because she rarely gets a full eight hours of shut-eye, she needs something to perk up her complexion and some major after-the-after-party detox. She recharges her glow with the Polatam Water Gel Extra Force Brightening Sheet Mask. It holds 10 times the moisturizing essence of a regular sheet mask to give depleted skin the mega-boost needed to repair and restore. The mask drenches skin in a gel-like serum packed with Oak Root extract, which is known for its naturally high levels of glow-restoring Niacinamide, plus skin-brightening Licorice extract to fight hyperpigmentation, and Olive Leaf extracts and Ceramides to impart radiance. Made of soft cupro fiber, this thin, breathable mask adheres like a second skin, allowing you to sit back and recharge without worrying about it slipping off.


The Moisture Addict

Her biggest fear is dry skin and she knows the damaging effects of dehydration by heart. She makes sure there’s moisture in every aspect of her life, from the foods she eats and the gallon of water she drinks, to the moisturizers in her medicine cabinet. No ordinary mask will do for her, which is why she’s a fan of  Whamisa Organic Sea Kelp Sheet Mask. Made of nutrient-dense, 100% real sea kelp, it imparts massive moisture and hydration for instantly glowing, hyper-hydrated skin.

The Frequent Flier

With a jam-packed travel schedule, she takes her masking wherever she can get it. She’s the one unabashedly masking mid-flight and scaring her seatmates. To get maximum results and keep the flight attendants from staring, she dons the Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Mask. Thanks to an innovative jelly texture, it disappears on the skin upon application, for treatment on the DL. Made of real Watermelon, it’s positively packed with the amino-rich, antioxidant fruit. It’s also infused with ultra-healing Centella Asiatica and hydrating Hyaluronic Acid. Because travel takes a lot out of your skin, it’s the perfect remedy to all those red-eye flights and dehydrating re-circulated cabin air.

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