Why Water Rubber Masks? Two Words: Face Gloss

We’ve been testing and launching products at a pretty steady pace as of recent, and as always, we are so excited to reveal another masking innovation. Personally, this is the product launch I have been most looking forward to. As a fan of Lindsay’s groundbreaking rubber masks, I didn’t think rubber masks could get any cooler, until we tested new modeling masks from MD’s Pick. After sitting on this secret for months, it’s finally available for everyone to try!

The meaning of the name MD’s Pick (which at first we mistook as Doctor of Medicine) actually refers to Korea’s massive home shopping influence. In typical Korean slang convention, MD is a shorthand abbreviation of “merchandiser” – the title of television home shopping network hosts. Home shopping is a really big deal in Korea (it’s how we discovered our favorite exfoliator), with a large and dedicated audience of shoppers. Think QVC, but based in Korea and dedicated to finding and selling the latest in beauty. It’s easy to see why MDs and shoppers alike would fall in love with such a visually stunning product like the water rubber masks – they have a beautifully translucent and glimmering texture when applied, and when removed, skin is visibly glossy and dewy with serum.

With a shimmery, gel-like texture that solidifies into a glassy rubber on the face, the texture of MD’s Picks Water Rubber Masks are like nothing we’ve previously encountered. The best part: after 25 minutes, the rubber doesn’t dry out and the mask acts as a face gloss. Skin is literally glistening with hydration!

Rubber Masks vs. Water Rubber Masks

The inevitable question is what differentiates water rubber masks from the original rubber masks that we curated? Let us just establish that what makes modeling rubber masks so cool is their unparalleled transformative texture, which translates to its moisture-retentive benefits. The rubber creates a barrier that makes sure that the skin stays in contact with the hydrating and purifying mask formulation without the risk of any evaporation.


Lindsay’s OG single-serving, “instant noodle” cup rubber masks offer mineral-rich, pore cleansing masks that gelatinize into a muted, opaque rubber. The cup comes with the powder and spatula while you supply the water to mix into a brownie batter-like consistency. As many of you have experienced, the ‘rubber’ forms relatively quickly, and is not completely flexible and stretchy, nor is it stiff and hard. Additionally, when you peel it off skin is calm, brightening, and hydrated with a relatively matte finish. However, there may be lingering dry residue on the skin that can be easily removed with a little bit of water.

MD’s Pick’s Water Rubber Mask has everything you need contained within a sleek carton. The gel base enveloped in Step 1 is the liquid component while Step 2 contains a powder mix of targeted actives. A wooden, “popsicle stick” spatula is included to beat the batter and spread onto skin. The resulting mixture is a translucent gel that is ultra refreshing upon application and it stay put, meaning it doesn’t dribble or run down skin. After 30 minutes, the rubber feels watery against the skin (hello, face gloss!) and remains slippery to the touch on the side exposed to air, thus it’s name! The mask peels off in one piece without any dried bits, and a sheen of serum is visible on your skin.

If you haven’t yet, I highly recommend watching our ultra-quick, 45 second tutorial on these new masks. Only then will you get a real sense of why these are called “Water Rubber Masks,” and just how cool they are. After all, seeing is believing!

How to get that face gloss

Here is a more detailed breakdown on how to use these truly next-level masks. While relatively self-explanatory, we have a couple of tricks to enhance your Water Rubber Mask experience.


Everything you need is inside the carton: Step 1 Gel Base, Step 2 Powder, a wooden spatula, and the packaging serves as a mixing basin! First, empty out Step 1 into the tray.


Sprinkle the powder from Step 2 all over the white gel base and immediately begin to stir with the wooden spatula. We recommend using a beating motion – like when you’re whipping up eggs! That diagonal motion makes it easier to combine the two steps together. You’ll notice that the color of the gel will change with the addition of the powder. After 30~45 seconds of mixing, the gel is ready for application.

Spread a relatively thick layer of the gel mixture all over face, beginning with broad strokes across the cheeks and forehead. The mask will stay in place and won’t slide down the face. The mixture doesn’t congeal as quickly as regular rubber masks, but we recommend that once you’ve spread the mask to not disrupt it too much by going over it again.


The Water Rubber Masks are super hydrating, and you can tell as after 5 minutes, the mask will begin to feel slick against skin, but the mask itself is securely adhered to skin. After 30 minutes, you’ll get the full face gloss effect.

Now for the fun part! Loosen up the edges of the mask, which should be still watery and slightly slippery, and peel the mask away from skin. If there is any remaining bits of gel, gently wipe them away with water. Revealed skin is glowing, dewy, and 100% chok chok!

Five flavors to savor

While all of the Water Rubber Masks are seriously (skin) thirst-quenching, there are a total of five flavors that address various skin concerns while all giving you face gloss realness. The gel base of every flavor is fortified with brightening licorice extract, soothing centella extract, and energizing ginger. Each flavor gets its color and additional benefits from the mix-in powder.

Goji – Renown for their high antioxidant levels, Goji berries are an Asian medicinal ingredient that heals and revitalizes. The distinct orange-y red color of the berry is also present in the mask, which firms and fills the skin.
Pore Clear – This water rubber mask turns into a green color, which is representative of its super soothing blend of calming herbs and botanicals like Centella, Tea Tree, and Rosemary. For those seeking redness relief and some extra trouble care, this is the mask for you.
Aqua Glow – As the name of this flavor suggests, this blue hued water rubber mask is for advanced hydration. Featuring our favorite buzzy ingredient Hyaluronic Acid, this is friendly for all skin types.
Gold Radiance – Research indicates that gold can help soothe inflammation. Gold has been used for centuries to add sparkle and luxury to skincare, making this mask a calming and luxe treatment.
Pearl Brightening – This flavor features pearl and rice bran extracts help to detoxify skin by gently lifting away impurities and dead skin cells while supplying nutrients into the skin to reveal instant brightening effects.

The Pore Clear, Aqua Glow, and Gold Radiance are now available at Target for $8.99, too!

Let us know what you think of these brand new Water Rubber Masks! Send us your #faceglossselfie by tagging your photos on Instagram!

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