Cheers to 2017! K-Beauty Hangover Cures

New Year’s Eve is a night of celebration and hope for new beginnings. Before the drinks and bubbly flow tonight, here are our easy hangover beauty tips so that you can start off the first day of the new year with your best face forward.


Preventative Prickly Pear Cactus

Before and after your night out, make sure to add Prickly Pear into your routine. Saharan Prickly Pear Cactus extract is a known preventative measure for hangovers due to it’s anti-inflammatory properties. For your skin, Cactus oil has moisture-binding properties to hydrate skin as well as an incredibly high antioxidant content that fortifies skin with Vitamin E. Layer the Grab Water Essence to hydrate with a couple drops of the game-changing Oil Essence to prime your skin not only for your makeup, but to keep skin glowing through to the next morning.

Hydration, hydration, hydration!

Hydration is so important that we’ll say it three times and keep saying it! Regular water intake throughout the night will help prevent a hangover and treat it as well the next morning. Here are three tips to ensure that your body’s largest organ (your skin!) stays hydrated well into the new year.

Before the festivities:

Not only does the J.One Jelly Pack grip your makeup for a flawless look well past when the clock strikes midnight, it’s a skincare hybrid that moisturizes and hydrates to keep skin plump and chok chok.

During the night:

Keep a mist in your bag as a quick refresher. Spritz a bit between drinks to rehydrate and freshen up, but don’t forget to actually drink some water to hydrate your body. Bonus points: mists like the Whamisa Damask Rose Petal Mist also provide a sweet burst of light fragrance.

Before hitting the sheets:

While you may feel the bodily signs of a hangover in the morning, your skin can tell a different story. Slather on a sleeping mask before sleeping, and wake up with bright, soft, and revitalized skin that won’t show any signs of what you were up to the night before. J.One’s Black Jelly Pack is the perfect candidate with an ultra-cooling gel texture and antioxidant-rich ingredients that will repair skin overnight and prevent inflammation in the morning.


Splash away puffiness

Alcohol causes inflammation and fluid retention, which can lead to a puffy, bloated face. In the morning, wake your skin up immediately with a splash (mask) of Vitamin C in the shower and gently pat to relieve swelling. The Energy Citrus and Honey Splash Mask brightens and invigorates skin like a glass of fresh-pressed OJ.

Detox double cleanse

Reset your skin with a deep double (even triple!) cleanse. The first of the year is the perfect time to wash away the year past. Add a clay mask to the double cleansing routine to attract toxins and sebum out of pores. Detoxifying clay masks like Make P:rem’s Radiance Cleansing Pack clean out buildup in pores for that squeaky clean feeling.

Once more with feeling…

Hydrate! After cleansing, replenish your skin with a Water Rubber Mask, which has a gel essence base with a refreshing cooling effect that also helps soothe and reduce puffiness. We recommend the Goji flavor to restore even more protective antioxidants to the skin while providing a hydrating barrier.

Cheers to happy and healthy 2017!

The Glow Recipe Team

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