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Skincare Routine Deep Dive: Getting An A+ In Glowing Skin

Skincare 101 is now in session!

Between studying for tests, writing papers, going to class, volunteering, and socializing with friends, where is there time for a nourishing skin care routine? I know as a busy, constantly on the go student, bouncing between what seems like countless activities in a day, my skin doesn’t get all the attention that it deserves.

In honor of finals week, I’ve put together multi-tasking products that keep up with my lifestyle and leave my skin looking dewy and rested – even when I’m not!

Glow Recipe


Between hitting the snooze on your alarm and getting yourself to class on time, mornings are busy, but an essential time to wake up skin. Get the right start with a cleanser that does double duty as an effective cleanser and gentle exfoliator. I use Dr. Oracle The Snow Queen Powder Cleanser, a revolutionary powder-to-foam cleanser that creates a milky lather when in contact with water.  The fruit enzymes help to naturally exfoliate skin, leaving it bright and radiant. A little goes a long way for this cleanser, making it a budget saver that will last you through the whole semester.


At some point in our skin care lifetime, we’ve all tried at least some type of acne solution. These products may have worked during adolescence, but with the changing needs of your skin, they can often be too harsh or stripping for continued use in college or grad school. To keep those blemishes and acne marks at bay, try using a lightweight serum or essence that deeply works its way into skin for maximum impact, without heaviness or stickiness. My personal favorite is the LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence. This multitasking, non-irritating serum is formulated with 90% Tea Tree extract (but doesn’t smell anything like those small tea tree vials) and helps keep my skin balanced, even and hydrated.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 3.21.58 AM


A full day of class can be tiring, not only on you, but also on your skin, leaving it vulnerable to a dryness and dullness. I carry a water bottle around with me the whole day – why wouldn’t my skin need the same replenishment? Using an organic hydrating mist, or toner, provides a quick and easy way to giving your skin a splash of replenishing moisture on the go! My favorite trick to keeping my skin looking bright and hydrated all day long is the Whamisa Organic Flowers Damask Rose Petal Mist, which easily fits into my school bag. The beautiful rose petals swirling inside the mist bottle makes it feel like a mini-spa and surprisingly, its water-free. The formula is 100% botanicals and actives – similar to how a cold-pressed juice is a combination of liquid extracts without added water.


After a crazy day of running from one activity to another, 20 minutes to completely hydrated and nourished skin sounds almost too good to be true. While getting facials aren’t always within reach for a student budget, sheet masks are a great alternative. These facials-in-a-sheet are completely pampering and give instant and long-lasting results – perfect before a big event, date or interview. It’s difficult to find a sheet mask that is made with entirely natural ingredients and free of harsh chemicals, so after discovering Whamisa’s Organic Hydrogel Facial Masks, these have become my go to at-home ‘facialist’. These 95% organic masks are drenched in nourishing botanical serums for ultimate moisture and an instant glow. The real beauty of these sheet masks lies in their ‘hydrogel’ texture. These jelly-like masks are made to conform easily to the unique contours of your face, so that I can actually wear them while reading instead of having to lie completely still.

What skincare are you using to fit into your busy lifestyle – let us know in the comments or at, we always love to hear from you!

Class is dismissed, now go get your glow on!

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