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Refinery29: The Missing Step in Your Skincare Routine

We’re loving Refinery29’s recent article: The Missing Step in your Skincare Regimen

With a recent slew of articles on essences, ampoules and serums – how and when exactly does one
use all of these treatments? We break it down for you below (3 of these products were also editor-tested and recommended by Refinery29’s Joyce Kong!)

LJH Vita Propolis Ampoule Glow RecipeWHO: LJH VITA PROPOLIS AMPOULE

WHAT: A concentrated anti-aging ampoule with 50% propolis extract that helps with lines, texture and brightness.
HOW: Ampoules are extremely versatile. You can use them instead of a serum, before your serum and even a few drops in your foundation for an extra dewy look. Check out our post on 5 Ways to Use an Ampoule.
REFINERY29 VERDICT: “This little bottle packs a strong punch of radiance” 

Tea Tree 90 EssenceWHO: LJH TEA TREE 90 ESSENCE
WHAT: A soothing, brightening and hydrating treatment with 90% tea tree essence.
HOW: Think of essences as a light-weight version of a serum – but it’s still packed with actives. Use them in place of your serum. Do you still need a serum? Not necessarily – but some Korean women do layer an essence before their serum for an extra dose of skin-beneficial ingredients. Check out our post on Essences vs. Serums.
REFINERY29 VERDICT: “The formula is famously gentle and seems to have harnessed all the acne-banishing powers of tea tree oil without the harshness or tea tree scent (the essence is completely odorless).” 

WHAT: A hydrating, brightening, honey-infused treatment that works as a toner-serum-moisturizer in one.
HOW: The Honey Bomb is unique multi-tasker that actually helps reduce the number of skincare steps. Use as a one-stop-shop after cleansing, or if you are feeling extra industrious, use a toner & serum before, then layer on honey bomb as your moisturizer. 
REFINERY29 VERDICT: “This is also a true multitasker (read: lazy girl’s best friend). It’s effective enough to roll all those finicky skin-care steps into one jar. ” 

WHAT: A bouncy, hydrating bouquet of botanical goodness in a liquid treatment.
HOW: Essence toners are another key word in beauty – and not to be confused with serum type essences. Essence toners are more liquid – think of them as your toner ‘plus’, loaded with anti-aging and hydrating benefits. Use after cleansing, then use a serum or essence to get your active ingredients. Check out our post on Essences vs. Toners vs. Skins.

Need help putting together a regimen that works for you? Email us at love [a] glowrecipe [dot] com anytime. Or check out our blog posts on our recommended morning skincare routine and evening skincare routine. There’s no magic number that’s supposed to work for everyone, so pick and choose the right products for your skin concern, skin type and lifestyle.

Get your glow on,
The Glow Recipe Team

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  • sara Apr 1, 2015 10:12 pm

    What would you suggest for Melasma? I am having a hard time finding something to get rid of it. Thank you!

    • The Glow Recipe Team May 15, 2015 3:30 pm

      Hi sara, we're so sorry for the late reply! We'd recommend a combination of a brightening product that has ingredients like niacinimide, arbutin or Vitamin C and consistent use of an SPF 50 in the morning. Let us know if you have any further questions at love [a] glowrecipe [dot] com

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