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The K-Beauty Trends We’re Most Excited About

One of the best things about K-beauty — besides all the different ways to get your glow on — is that the industry is always evolving. The constant research and innovation it takes to be the best-in-class skincare destination means that South Korean beauty brands are always pushing for professional-grade results derived from the most…

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Your Ultimate Guide to Sunscreen

I remember my mother telling me about a very old saying in Korea, “Send your daughter outside in the fall and your daughter-in-law outside in the spring”.  Roughly translated, it means one would send one own’s daughter out to the fields in the gentler fall sunlight and one’s daughter-in-law out in the spring, when the…

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Welcome to Glow Recipe

Dear friends, We are incredibly excited to introduce Glow Recipe! Our goal was to design a lovingly curated destination site that makes natural Korean beauty products and the latest skincare trends accessible to beauty-forward women around the world.

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