Back to Black: The Black Jelly Pack Review

Everyone is so curious about the dark and mysterious Black Jelly Pack. What does the Jelly Pack’s edgy sister do, and how do you use it? We’ve had so many requests to review this exciting new curation that adds to J.One’s lineup of truly revolutionary skincare.


First, we have to address the elephant in the room: the original white Jelly Pack. This cult product that has taken the beauty world by storm earned its status by living up to it’s makeup-gripping nickname. So how exactly is the Black Jelly Pack different? The Black Jelly Pack isn’t aiming to be a shadow of its daytime sibling, instead it thrives in the complete opposite environment. Whereas the white Jelly Pack’s peak performance was during the daytime, underneath makeup, the Black Jelly Pack was designed to hydrate, lift, and firm at nighttime, after all the makeup comes off.

As the yin to the Jelly Pack’s yang, it makes perfect sense that the Black Jelly Pack be a night-time treatment and partner-in-crime to the long-lasting daytime Jelly Pack. After all, life is all about balance! The white Jelly Pack is your morning mask, and the Black Jelly Pack is your sleeping, nighttime mask. Together the Jelly Pack and the Black Jelly Pack provide a never-ending 24/7 cycle of firming and hydration. Early birds and night owls alike can rejoice over how the Black Jelly Pack transforms skin overnight even if you’ve hit the sheets, or if you’re burning the midnight oil. Let’s take a dive into the darkest depths of what makes the Black Jelly Pack so special.

Let’s talk color. The Black Jelly Pack is the chic (in an “all my clothes are black” way) sibling to the white Jelly Pack. Encased in a pearlescent, black pump bottle, the transparent gel that comes out is an off-black, almost blue hue derived completely from natural extracts, meaning there are no harmful synthetic dyes in the formula! The deeper, richer naturally occurring shades of fruits and vegetables found in nature generally indicate of a high nutrition value thanks for high concentrations of antioxidants and vitamins. A blend of 7 midnight-hued ingredients like blackberry, black cumin, black bee propolis, black currant, black truffle, and more, make this an antioxidant-packed sleeping mask and serum hybrid that turns back the hands of time (at least for you skin) while you slumber.


See how the original Jelly Pack has flattened and spread out while the Black Jelly Pack retained its shape?

Texture is the hallmark of a product named for its texture. Where the beloved Jelly Pack is a viscous fluid jelly that we are all too familiar with now, the Black Jelly Pack is more watery and a stiff (meaning it holds its shape) gels which spreads easily and without resistance to envelope skin in a refreshing, silky finish. The watery translucent gel doesn’t require a patting motion for it to absorb since it sinks into skin so quickly with a pillow-proof finish that is far from sticky and tacky – it’s like changing into your favorite silky slip before going to sleep.


Meant to be used as the very last step of your skincare to seal everything in, the Black Jelly Pack is our new favorite sleeping pack. While most of our favorite sleeping masks are typically richer formulas meant to last through the night, the Black Jelly Pack is truly in a special nocturnal class of its own. With an ultralight gel texture and immediately absorbs into skin, this is the first sleeping we’ve seen that is completely suitable for oilier skin types, such as myself. In fact, I even doubled up on layers of the Black Jelly Pack to ensure that I would be hydrated. In a similar way to how the white Jelly Pack mattifies oily skin, the Black Jelly Pack is best suited to hydrate and balance oily skin types. Because of it’s lightweight texture, I didn’t have to worry about dirtying my pillow or having my cheeks stuck to my pillow case in the dead of night. Although the Black Jelly Pack absorbs almost instantaneously, the hydration it provides lasts until the morning, as evidenced by the plump, chok chok feeling when I press against my cheek first thing when I wake up.

The Black Jelly Pack lives up to it’s own name as an overnight rescue treatment that plump, lifts, and hydrates so that you wake up with glowing, healthy skin in the morning.

Get your glow on,

11 replies

  1. It says here that this product is completely suitable for oiler skin type. Does this mean that it’s not suitable for women with dry skin?



    • My skin is as dry as dry can be & I love using the J.One Black Jelly Pack! On the night’s that I use this I apply 2 layers over my Klairs Toner (7 Skin Method), Manyo Factory Bifida Ferment Serum & Hylamide SubQ Anti-aging Face & Eye serums so it takes a little longer to absorb but I wake up with plump, hydrated skin.


  2. I used to have the clearest, smoothest skin but not i have not only blemishes but skin irritation (itchy with bumps). I use Retin-A-Micro cream with helps a little momentarily. I really want to just use natural ingredients that will take care of the problem and not cause any harms to my health. I am looking for something that will traet the blemishes/irritation, wrinkles (because i am in my 30’s, and something for my Melasma. Do you have prodeucts that can help me.

    Thank you,


  3. Hello,

    I just bought the Black Jelly Pack and it is indeed very good to use overnight and I have combination skin. The fact that it is a very good product makes me want to introduce them to my family members but I was wondering if there is an age range to use this product effectively? For example, can a person at the age of 60 use this? Would it still work effectively? I am curious about this because when I walk into a beauty store, they always say that some product is suitable for this age and some product is suitable for that age.

    Also, I know this product is great for using the last step of the beauty night process but can this Black Jelly Pack be use as only one step after toner at night?

    Thank you.

    Best Regards,
    Kathy Nguyen


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