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The Essential Reading List: Hydrogel Masks

Hiding in the archives of the Glow Recipe blog are some of our best tips and tricks for getting the most out of your hydrogel masks. Today, we ruffled through the blog to bring you our essential reading list for these hydrating little wonders.

Hydrogels are the more potent cousin of cotton mask sheets, as the skin can absorb hydration from both the essence and the mask itself. As opposed to cotton mask sheets, our hydrogels, are made entirely of plant based cellulose and aloe vera that combine to form a thin, gel-like sheet. The mask is drenched in comforting serum that works to perfect and hydrate the skin. The unique gel material stays in contact with the skin for a prolonged treatment, wrapping in the nourishing ingredients.

The hydrogels that we’ve curated are some of the best in the game- each one we carry is organic, and wraps the skin in 100% botanical extracts with no plastics or animal derived ingredients. Hydrogels, unlike a typical cotton sheet mask, cling to the face like a second skin as they warm up, and deliver nourishing ingredients deep into the skin for a truly spa-worthy glow!


How to use a Hydrogel Sheet Mask: 

We like to use a mask at the end of the day, after cleansing and toning and applying serum steps. If you’d like, let the mask of your choosing replace your serum step, and follow the mask up with your favorite moisturizer.

Begin by removing the mask from it’s pouch, and apply the essence from the pouch or tray onto your skin in gentle upward strokes. Remove the white backing paper from the mask, and gently fit the mask to your face. Hydrogel masks typically come in two pieces to allow for maximum adherence- don’t be afraid to wiggle the mask around to get that perfect fit. Lie down, and relax! Remove your hydrogel after ~20 minutes.

Pat your face gently to help any remaining essence absorb, and enjoy that glow.

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Spot the hydrogel!

Spot the hydrogel!

Our definitive masking tips: 

To get the most out of your hydrogel, start with a freshly cleansed and exfoliated face. Exfoliating before masking is a favorite trick of ours, as your skin is completely fresh and therefore better able to absorb hydration and nourishment. We like using an exfoliating cleanser or an Aqua Peeler to freshen the skin and get our weekly exfoliation in!

Try putting your mask in the fridge the night before you use it for an intense cooling effect. This is especially lovely for skin that’s been exposed to to much sun or that is troubled with breakouts!

The quality of your mask’s materials and serums are what make sheet masking the super effective treatment it’s meant to be. Using a high quality hydrogel based in beneficial ingredients means that your results will be instantaneous and lasting, with fine lines plumped and the whole face glowing. We recommend using masks three times per week to keep skin in tip top shape.

Get your glow on,

The GR Team

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