Sheet Masking for Beginners

It is day 1 of our #MondaytoFridayMasking challenge and we’re starting off with sheet mask first-timers! Follow along this week as we blog about our masking adventures.

sea kelp

Sea Kelp sheet mask for days

To me, sheet masking is a routine that is as normal as washing my face or taking a shower. Whenever my skin needs some extra hydration, I pull out a freshly chilled sheet mask from the fridge and relax by watching some Netflix. However, the first time I carried out my routine in front of my new roommates, they mistook me for Hannibal Lector. To my surprise, roommates 1 and 2Ā (names redacted for their privacy) had never seen sheet masks before. Roommate 2 later confessed to me, “I knew that sheet masks existed, but I had never seen one in real life!”

I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to introduce my two roommates to sheet masks. We decided to take advantage of being snowed-in this past weekend by having a masking party, which amounted to wearing sheet masks while binge-watching Dance Academy. Since they were complete beginners to sheet masks, I guided them through the process and interviewed them on their first-ever masking experiences.

What is your skin type and do you have any specific skincare concerns?

Roommate 1: I have dry, sensitive skin. Right now with the cold, I’m concerned with dryness and redness. (Note: Roommate 1 is also vegan, so we took this into consideration when choosing a sheet mask)
Roommate 2: I guess I have what is called combination skin. When my face is really dry, it breaks out more often, so I’m seeking hydration.

What is your usual skincare routine?

R1: In the morning, I use an exfoliating charcoal cleanser followed by Argan oil. At night, I use a gentle, scent-free makeup-removing cleanser, then a tea tree toner and Argan oil.
R2: My normal skincare routine is a natural, exfoliating face wash followed by a goat milk moisturizer.

Before we start, do you have any questions about sheet masks?

R2: How do these work?
Basically, it’s a cotton sheet that is soaked in a lightweight essence. The mask helps your skin to retain moisture without evaporating too quickly. You leave it on your face for around 10 to 15 minutes and then you peel it off!

R1: So, do you rinse your face off afterwards?
Me: Nope! You just peel off the mask and then gently pat in the residual essence. After that, you just follow up with a moisturizer.

Roommate 1 isn't camera shy like me and roommate 2!

Roommate 1 isn’t camera shy like me and roommate 2!

What were your first impressions of the sheet mask?

R1: I was nervous at first because my skin is super sensitive and I was worried that the mask would be irritating after a few minutes. But immediately, I noticed it was quite hydrating, to my surprise.
R2: It felt really goopy and cold! But it was really soothing.

What are your thoughts post-masking?

R1: [Walks out of the bathroom] I’m glowing! But seriously, my skin feels really hydrated right now and there isn’t any irritation or redness. The only downside was that the mask was a little bit too big for my face. I would definitely do this again!
R2: Agreed on all points! Again, it was really soothing, and it stayed on my face even as I walked around. Can we do this more often?

What’s your first masking memory? Share in the comments below!

Get your glow on,

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6 replies

  1. I heard about sheet masks from different women and bought them about a month ago. I fell in love with them and after reading this post, I’m going to start using them at least twice a week.

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  2. My little sister first got me into Korean skin care recently, sad because we are half Korean! But up until now it has been really hard to get Korean skin care products in North America. I was up in Canada visiting and she gave me a sheet mask from the Faceshop because I looked exhausted from my 4 hour flight. I popped it on and was sold immediately afterwards, my skin had never felt so good. She took me to the Faceshop afterwards and I bought a ton of products including sheet masks for when I returned home to Arizona. I use sheet masks at least once a week if not more and since I moved to a Korean skincare routine my skin has gotten so much better. I gave a bunch of my friends sheet masks at Christmas and everyone of them is blown away at the difference it makes. When I go to the Korean store to buy more I always buy extras for them

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  3. Sheet masks were my first foray into K-beauty/ABeauty…since my skin love, love, LOVES aloe, & since the store had just opened here in Toronto, the very first one I used was The Face Shop’s Real Nature Aloe mask. I, too, noticed an eerie resemblance to a serial killer while I was wearing it for the first time – I won’t lie, pretty sure I scared my boyfriend! The mask felt amazingly cool while it was on…it was like I could actually feel my skin getting softer! About 20 minutes later, I honestly couldn’t believe how soothed, smooth & moisturized my skin felt & looked. I never looked back after that!

    I now mask 2-3 times a week, & have tried traditional cotton masks, hydrogels, silk masks…I have a modelling mask ( & the awesome & deliciously-sea-monster-looking sea kelp mask ( ready to use this #MondaytoFridayMasking Challenge week šŸ™‚


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