Double Cleansing: What It Is & Why You Need to Do It

It takes a little extra time, but this smart cleansing method ultimately leaves skin looking cleaner, feeling softer, and less prone to breakouts.

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What Is A Cleansing Balm And Why Do You Need One?

Cleansing balms are a K-beauty staple, and we think they should be a part of everyone’s routine!

Here’s Why Watermelon is a Total Skin Star

You already know we love watermelon — it’s amazing as a food and for your skin. But where did this wonder fruit come from?

Watermelon-Only Skin-Care Routine For Glowing Skin

Watermelon is one of our favorite skin care ingredients——it’s hydrating, soothing, full of vitamins and amino acids…the benefits are endless!

Keep in touch with The Glow Edit

Keep in touch with The Glow Edit

Why Enzymes Are the Key to Smooth, Glowing Skin

Have you ever used a skin care product with enzymes in it? If not, then you may not have heard that they have loads of skin benefits, like soothing, healing, smoothing and more.

How to Cleanse Your Skin According to Your Skin Type

Find out the best cleansing techniques based on your skin type and concerns!

An Esthetician’s Nightly Skin-Care Routine

Watch as Lily brings us through a relaxing facial massage using Papaya Sorbet Enzyme Cleansing Balm, unclogs congested pores, and talks about the ingredients she loves to balance her skin this time of the year.

PEGs: What They Are and How They Work

While it may not have the same name recognition as ingredients like parabens or sulfates, this polymer is a growing cause of concern for some people.

How to Use the Papaya Sorbet Enzyme Cleansing Balm

The key to smooth, glowing, clear skin starts with a good cleanse. Start with the new Papaya Sorbet Enzyme Cleansing Balm to remove SPF, makeup, and dirt.