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Your Favorite Cleanser Is Now Better Than Ever

Our newly reformulated Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser is everything your skin needs to look and feel fresh.

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How To Use Face Oils Without Breaking Out

Find out the best way to add face oil to your summer skincare routine.

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5 Ways to Get Blemish-free This Summer

My usual skin routine is geared toward finding ways to soothe and hydrate my persistently dry, sensitive skin, but every once in a while, I find that my skin can get, well, temperamental with breakouts and blemishes. They always seem to flare up at the most inopportune timing. (We’ve all been there!) Here are some…

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Keep in touch with The Glow Edit

I Swapped My Whole Routine for Watermelon Products

There are a few scents that immediately conjure the image of summer: Salty seaside air, vaguely tropical SPF,  and of course, a big, juicy slice of watermelon. While the IRL pink stuff is technically only in season during the warmer months, there’s a way to hold onto those summertime vibes all year long. We’re talking,…

5 Oil-Free Products for a Breakout-Free Summer

We’ve discussed that exfoliation can keep your skin glowy and fresh, but sometimes a glow can shift to a gleam and not necessarily in a stealthily strobed sort of manner. The annoying fact is, even the most chic among us can get a little oily in the summer. The best way to combat that unwanted,…

Tea Is The Antioxidant Superhero Your Skin Needs Right Now

The British really are on to something with this whole tea-time thing — the versatile brew is good for the body and the mind. A cup (or three) of tea can calm your nerves, wake you up, or help you sleep, depending on the brew you choose. But its good-for-you benefits don’t end there: It…

5 Summer Skin Shortcuts For Lazy Girls

Listen, being devoted to a multi-step skincare routine day and night is nothing short of impressive — you wouldn’t believe how many people brush off a question of what skincare they use with an answer like  “Some random bar of soap.” But skincare isn’t black and white — there are a million shades of grey…

Your Skin’s Craving this New Superfood Line

You know how your skin just seems to glow in the summertime? Well, we found a new brand that will give you that radiant, healthy look and feel year round with a unique blend of superfoods. Meet your new skin-transforming obsession, Jullai. Jullai has two antioxidant-packed lines: anti-aging Super 12 and soothing Super 7. Super 12…