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2020 Blog Post Roundup

Our mission here at Glow Recipe is not only about giving you the glowiest skin of your life, but we also want to teach you everything there is to know about skincare! One way we do that is with The Glow Edit. As we ring in the new year, here are the top stories from this, shall we say, truly unforgettable year?

How To Tell The Difference Between Skin Purging And A Breakout 

Picture this: You purchase a new skincare product with actives (think retinol, BHA, or AHA) thinking that it’ll finally solve all of your problems, but instead of waking up to baby-smooth skin, the next morning you find a crop of breakouts all over your face! What gives? In this blog post, we give you the scoop on skin purging and why it actually might be a *good* thing when it happens!

How To Read An Ingredient List

Without a cosmetic chemist on speed dial, figuring out how to decipher what exactly is listed on the ingredients list of your favorite skincare products can be tricky! And even when words are recognizable, such as alcohol and fragrance, you might wonder what exactly they’re doing in there. Here’s a handy guide to help you figure out how to read an ingredient list – without consulting an encyclopedia!

What Causes Sagging Pores and How to Treat Them 

Sagging pores: if it seems like this is just another way your pores are out to get you (we’re looking at you blackheads and breakouts), we’ve got good news! Sagging pores can be treated – and better yet – even prevented by taking proper precautions. We’ve got the inside scoop on how to make your skin perk right back up!

How to Treat Maskne

Have you discovered that your jawline has suddenly become prime real estatefor breakouts? You’re not alone. Fret not though, we’ll tell you all about why maskne could be the case and how to fix it ASAP!

Why This is the Best Time to Use Retinol and BHA

Whoa, wait — this just might be the greatest skincare collab of the year! Find out all about why BHA and retinol are the dream-team your skin never knew it needed.

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