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Meet the Ginger + Vitamin C Bright Spot Tonic and Beet + Retinol Nightly Firming Mask

If you’ve been a fan of Sweet Chef for a while now, then you already know the drill: When it comes to veggies, we are absolutely head-over-heels — and for good reason too! Full of vitamins and minerals, veggies are an essential part of nutrition to keep your body happy and healthy.  Here at Sweet Chef, we believe that veggies shouldn’t just be a staple in your diet, but a mainstay in your everyday skincare routine as well. This is why we’re always on the lookout for fresh, new ingredients that promise the glowiest results for your skin.

We searched high and low, seeking out only the trendiest salad bars and hippest vegan take-out menus, and we’re so excited to finally announce the newest members of the Sweet Chef family. Since these ingredients are likely familiar components of your favorite smoothie bowls (or curry recipes), we knew that you’d immediately understand why they were the clear choice to join!

We are pleased to introduce you to Ginger + Vitamin C Bright Spot Tonic and Beet + Retinol Nightly Firming Mask! Our latest (and highly requested) additions to the team are supercharged with powerful ingredients to help you create your very own gentle, but effective, sweet skin routine. 

First up, we have our Ginger + Vitamin C Bright Spot Tonic. This K-Beauty secret soaks the skin with  antioxidant-rich ginger and two types of vitamin C to brighten the complexion while anti-inflammatory niacinamide and soothing turmeric work together to provide lasting relief to dry skin. Use after cleansing to give skin a drink of hydration while helping to fade dark spots and smooth texture. Unlike other toners, our gentle formula is made without harsh astringents that dry out skin. Instead, this Ginger + Vitamin C Tonic gently rebalances skin with lightweight oil-free hydration while brightening skin tone for an even, glowy complexion. 

But that’s not all, we’re also proud to present to you our Beet + Retinol Nightly Firming Mask: your skin has just met its ultimate lullaby! This mask utilizes the holy grail skincare ingredient, retinol, without any of the irritation — so you can wake up to smoother, firmer, and calmer skin. 

Our Beet + Retinol Nightly Firming Mask is a potent blend of plant-based ingredients melded together in a luxurious, rich, and moisturizing mask that de-stresses your skin, perfect after a day of never-ending Zoom meetings. Use it as the final step of your nightly skincare routine (two to three times a week for new retinol users!) to moisturize your skin and smooth out texture & fine lines. The swirl of softening beet, firming and smoothing retinol, hydrating hyaluronic acid and squalane, and soothing hemp seed oil help your skin to recover as you sleep. You’ll wake up to refreshed and glowing skin!

You can shop our new sweet products now at Sweet Chef or check us out at your local Target beginning 1/17! 
As with all Sweet Chef products, our Ginger + Vitamin C Bright Spot Tonic and Beet + Retinol Nightly Firming Mask are both completely vegan, free of silicone, synthetic dyes, synthetic fragrance, parabens, and phthalates. They’re just made with the good stuff!

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