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Meet the Watermelon Glow AHA Night Treatment

When we retired our O.G. sleeping mask — our very first Glow Recipe product — it was for a good reason. Now, we can finally share it: Meet Watermelon Glow AHA Night Treatment! It’s a totally new formula, which we developed with clinically tested ingredients and technology. That said, it offers the same combo of exfoliation and hydration that was the secret sauce for the original formula. So, if you loved the smooth, bright, even-toned complexion that our first-gen sleeping mask offered, then you’ve come to the right place.

We decided to replace the sleeping mask with the night treatment for one big reason: Innovations in skincare have only gotten better since we first debuted the Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask back in 2017. Since then, we’ve expanded to a full skin-care line with heavyweight ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, as well as gentle exfoliation from carefully chosen acid blends. And that’s exactly what you’ll find in this new overnight treatment; designed to target dullness, dryness, large pores, and uneven skin texture, it puts our best technology to work so you can wake up looking radiant. With that, here’s a closer look at what goes into it.

What’s Inside

Let’s start with the obvious: watermelon. Like all the formulas in the Watermelon Glow fam, the Watermelon Glow AHA Night Treatment features fresh watermelon extract, which includes both the rinds and enzymes. It helps to moisturize, soothe, and nourish skin, since watermelon is rich in antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamins. 

What really sets this formula apart, however, is the pH-balancing blend of alpha hydroxy acids. At just 2.5%, this proprietary complex of exfoliating acids delivers the same exfoliating power of 10% glycolic acid — but far more gently. Unlike the standard AHAs, which peak quickly and (for some) too intensely, our concentrated version gradually works its magic over night, slowly exfoliating so you get better results with a lower percentage of acid.

Not only does this entirely sidestep the potentially drying side effects of exfoliation, but it also makes this formula tolerable for even sensitive skin types. Plus, the acid blend removes dead skin cells, smoothing texture and brightening skin — and in doing so, clears the way for other ingredients to better absorb into skin.

Speaking of those other ingredients: Since we’re all about hydrating skin, you’ll find no less than seven molecular weights of hyaluronic acid in this formula; at various sizes, they work to instantly replenish hydration and plump skin. Plus, hyaluronic acid makes for a strategic pairing with the AHA blend; it can offset any potential for dryness from the exfoliation, which further ensures the overall treatment is gentle enough for all types.

Inside, you’ll also get niacinamide for its soothing abilities — not to mention water retention — and quinoa peptide, which firms skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Niacinamide and quinoa peptides also work, via two different mechanisms, to brighten skin and even out tone over time.

How to use it

Slather on the Watermelon Glow AHA Night Treatment as the final step of your nighttime skincare routine (after your moisturizer) and pat it in gently until it’s been absorbed. (You can also apply it directly after cleansing if you prefer.) It dries down similarly to a hydrating serum, so it won’t transfer onto your pillowcase; we even tested it in our consumer studies to ensure it’s totally pillow-proof.

Then, in the A.M., wash it off before going through your usual morning skincare routine. Don’t forget to use sunscreen, too, since exfoliating can make skin more sensitive to sun exposure.

Since the AHA blend, while gentle, is still potent, we recommend you use it two or three nights a week. You can also start by using it two nights a week, and then bumping it up to three as your skin adjusts to it. Sensitive types, once a week if your best bet! (Heads up: If you know your skin tends to be sensitive, we recommend patch-testing before using it, because everyone’s tolerance is different.)

Real-life results

A clinical study found that after one night of use by 32 subjects:

  • 96% agreed that skin had long-lasting hydration
  • 93% agreed that skin looked glowing and radiant and felt smoother and firmer

And, after four weeks on 31 subjects:

  • 93% agreed that Watermelon Glow AHA Night Treatment resurfaced the look of skin
  • 90% agreed their skin texture looked improved
  • 90% agreed skin tone looked more even
  • 90% agreed skin overall felt bouncy and plump

We’re so happy that we can finally share this exciting launch with you, and can’t wait for you to try the Watermelon Glow AHA Night Treatment for yourself. Got questions? Just leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you!

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