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Have Petals, Will Travel: Petal Masks to Minimize Your Travel Skincare

When I used the Blossom Jeju 2 step mask for the first time, I knew it was something seriously special. It had the magical combination of things about it that made me harken back to the humble beginnings of my love affair with K-beauty, where each new product made me sigh and yearn to break it open. Beautifully packaged and blessed with gorgeous ingredient list: I was in love immediately. (Call it my Sarah + Artichoke Essence moment!)

These masks pack a one-two punch, literally. Formulated as a two step, long lasting nourishing treatment, the Petal Mask’s first step is a sachet full of the brand’s signature 100% pure Camellia Oil. You use a few drops of this oil after cleansing and toning, then apply step two: a super thin Cupro mask sheet enriched with one of three targeted essences. The essence and oil combine and heat up to skin-temperature, creating a cocoon of skin-nourishing hydration.

If you’re new to the Petal Mask craze, check out their debut on our blog, where they were received with unanimous rave reviews. The Petals come in three different varieties:

  • Use the Pink Lifting Marine Collagen Essence Petal Mask if your skin is in need of some firming and revitalizing, or after a long weekend to get the skin back in tip-top shape for the week ahead. Ideal for all skin types.
  • Use the Red Nourishing Soy Essence Petal Mask if your skin is in need of some love- think dullness and fine lines that seem to hang on no matter what, or if you’re currently breaking out or experiencing skin sensitivity. Ideal for all skin types- especially dry!
  • Use the White Brightening Vitamin Essence Petal Mask if your skin is in need of some glow! Stubborn dark spots or hyperpigmentation can grab a boost of radiance from this Vitamin enriched essence. Ideal for all skin types, especially combination.

While I like doing the above (masking in the middle of the workday for that extra shot of #glow), my favorite way to get the most out of these luxe masks is a no-brainer: using them while traveling. Over the long 4th of July weekend, I packed my skincare bag with just my oil + foaming cleanser, my new favorite sunscreen, four of the Petal Masks and my Vita Propolis Ampoule. I’d told our Co-Founder Christine of my wild skincare plans for the long weekend, and she nodded sagely. I took that to mean that I’d come up with a genius travel skincare hack and was committed to road testing my theory.

My combination/acne prone skin loves oils- especially those with higher skin affinities like Camellia. I find that incorporating an oil into my routine can help to simplify my skincare, heal patchiness, and plump fine lines. In my real life, I use an oil maybe once a week. The founder of the Blossom Jeju brand took inspiration from her grandmother when creating her line, including the camellia oil that she would use to help wounds heal. On June 30th, I had a few active blemishes that were starting to heal. My hope was that using the Petal Masks daily would bring my post-breakout skin back to Level-10 Glow, and banish any post-breakout dryness as my skin healed. My real goal was to simplify my travel skincare routine without sacrificing results (and allow me to pack super lightly!).

As my weekend of sun and fun progressed, I honed my technique: I’d shower and wash my face, then pat it until just damp. I’d mix a dime sized amount of camellia oil from Step 1 of the masks in my palm with 2 drops of the brightening, antioxidant packed LJH Vita Propolis Ampoule, and gently pat my concoction into my skin until it was absorbed. My thinking was that the Propolis Ampoule and camellia oil would blend together to make a nourishing, antioxidant rich cocktail that would brighten my skin and give it some post-sun TLC.

Then, I’d apply the mask sheet for about 15-40 minutes, depending on the day- when I had the time, I’d lay down and let the mask do it’s thing for a full 40 minutes. The oil from Step 1 and the essence from Step 2 combine to create a hydrating cocoon that rivals almost all the sheet masks I’ve ever tried in plumping, brightening, and moisturizing. 15 minutes was enough time to see the effects of the mask, and I never felt like I was missing any moisture after removing it- which is the definite benefit of using an oil! After removing the mask, I’d finish up with a smidge more of the camellia oil to seal all of the hydration from Step 2 into my skin, then I’d hit the hay. In the morning, I’d have just enough oil to pat into my face after cleansing.


By the end of the long weekend, my skin was bouncy and glowing again- I didn’t even feel the need to put any concealer over the dark spots from my last breakout as I hopped onto my train home. As a skincare junkie, I certainly didn’t feel like my skin was missing anything, and more importantly, I’d achieved my goal. I’d minimized my usually gigantic travel skincare wardrobe and had been able to maximize my time spent relaxing with my family! The Petal Masks have forever cemented themselves as a travel skincare necessity for me- and I’m sure my method can work for all skin types who want to pare down their routine to something TSA friendly or scaled down in terms of time spent in front of the mirror while traveling!

Grab your favorite serum and some Petal Masks and you’ll be #GoodToGlow!


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