Tester Panel Review: Blossom Jeju Petal Masks!

While we were excited by the prospect of a Cleansing Oil from Blossom Jeju, we were truly stoked to try their new Petal Sheet Masks. A Blossom Jeju sheet mask, we thought, would be like a gift from the gods of scent and mega-hydration. Luckily, they lived up to the Jasmine scented sheet mask of our dreams… and then some!

We shared these Petal Masks with our tester panel- a multi-aged, multi-ethnic group of women with different skin types that are passionate about beauty and willing to share their feedback with us at our NYC offices. The mask was a definite win.


Formulated as a two step masking treatment, the Petal Mask’s first step is a sachet full of the brand’s signature 100% pure Camellia Oil. You use a few drops of this oil after cleansing and toning, then apply step two: a super thin Cupro mask sheet enriched with one of three targeted essences. The Cupro material is a cotton hybrid designed to feel like silk, while holding the amount of hydration you’ve come to expect from your favorite masks. The essence and oil combine and heat up to skin-temperature, creating a cocoon of skin-nourishing hydration. When you peel away the sheet, you’re left with plumped, glowing skin. (We like to use a few more drops of the Camellia oil to seal everything in, but you do you- you could even mix some with your favorite moisturizer!)  

These masks pack a one-two punch- literally. Camellia oil helps to heal and nourish skin, and is ideal for even trouble-prone skin types. It’s a whiz at soothing blemishes. It’s a non-occlusive oil, meaning that other hydrating steps can absorb through it. This lack of occlusivity is what makes the Petal Masks so special- the mixture of essence + oil equals skin that’s been thoroughly pampered, with fine lines plumped, blemishes soothed, and sensitive skin calmed.


Okay, okay… but which  mask is best for me?

  • Use the Pink Lifting Marine Collagen Essence Petal Mask if your skin is in need of some firming and revitalizing, or after a long weekend to get the skin back in tip-top shape for the week ahead. Ideal for all skin types.
  • Use the Red Nourishing Soy Essence Petal Mask if your skin is in need of some love- think dullness and fine lines that seem to hang on no matter what, or if you’re currently breaking out or experiencing skin sensitivity. Ideal for all skin types- especially dry!
  • Use the White Brightening Vitamin Essence Petal Mask if your skin is in need of some glow! Stubborn dark spots or hyperpigmentation can grab a boost of radiance from this Vitamin enriched essence. Ideal for all skin types, especially combination.

A full 100% of our testers reported seeing increased hydration and fine line plumping after using a Petal Mask, and even those who are acne prone enjoyed using the included Camellia Oil before their masking treatment! Most of our lovely panelists already mask once a week or once a month- their feedback was that the Petal Masks are a new class entirely. Watch the full Tester Panel review below:

We’ll be opening up the Panel to the entire US later this year- sign up for our email list on glowrecipe.com to be notified when we start recruiting!

Ready to try a Petal Mask or five? Sets of 5 masks are marked at $25- a $5 savings when you stock up.

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