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Everything You Need to Know about PHAs

There’s no denying that acids are one of the single-most beneficial ingredients for your skin. They’re integral for de-clogging pores, erasing hyperpigmentation, smoothing out fine lines, and dissolving dead skin cells.

You already know how much we love Alpha-Hydroxy-Acids, and while they are generally great for most people, there are still some skin types that might have sensitivity to them. Thankfully, there’s a kinder, gentler acid on the horizon that has the same great results with minimal irritation. Say hello to Polyhydroxy Acids. They boast many of the same benefits of well-known skin-care acids (think: glycolic) but don’t cause dry or sensitive skin types to have a reaction. In fact, according to Dr. Josh Zeichner, PHAs can be likened to second generation AHAs.


Polyhydroxy Acids offer similar benefits as AHA’s, but their structure makes them more gentle, provides antioxidant benefits, and can even hydrate the skin,” Dr. Zeichner explains. Because PHAs feature a significantly larger molecule size than AHAs, they don’t go quite as deep below the skin. This difference in penetration means that PHAs are less likely to cause irritation — because it’s a gradual build-up, it gives your skin more time to adjust and adapt. “PHA products are ideal for anyone, even people with rosacea or eczema,” medical aesthetician Jordana Mattioli explains.


Like other chemical exfoliants, PHAs work to boost cell turnover and gently resurface the skin’s outermost layer leaving it soft and smooth. But, they also have a few extra perks of their own. Gluconolactone, a popular PHA, has actually been shown to “not only enhance skin barrier function and hydration, but also exhibit antioxidant properties and has been shown to provides benefits similar to Vitamin C,” says Dr. Zeichner. Meaning they can brighten skin, even out tone and texture, and protect against free radical damage.



Then, of course, there’s the hydration factor. “Because PHA’s attract water, they have moisturizing properties, which make them especially great for drier skin types,” Mattioli says, adding that, “when I have clients who have been too sensitive to use AHAs, I have them try a PHA-based product.”


We’ve been fans of this revolutionary skin savior for quite some time, which is why it was a total no-brainer for us to make it the centerpiece of our newest product. We call it the Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask and it’s going to rock your world.

The ultra-nourishing overnight mask uses PHAs to gently exfoliate and encourage cell turnover without irritating the skin. Its whipped texture is creamy thanks to the mega-nourishing ingredients we formulated it with. In addition to PHA, there’s Avocado, which is famously rich in fatty acids like Oleic and Linoleic, that delivers long-lasting hydration and helps keep skin firm. A famous natural healer, Manuka Honey acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredient that reduces redness and blemishes. This special combination of skin-nourishing ingredients and PHA delivers smooth, soothed, and super-soft skin. It’s a dream come true for your skin.

Are you stoked to meet Avocado Melt? Tell us why in the comments!

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