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Your Strawberry Smooth BHA+AHA Salicylic Serum Questions, Answered

Texture and breakouts are totally normal, but treating them can be a pain. Luckily, our new Strawberry Smooth BHA+AHA Salicylic Serum makes it easy and pleasurable to retexturize skin while also hydrating and soothing it. It’s gentle enough to use in your daily routines, isn’t sticky, and delivers satisfying, transformative results. Wondering if Strawberry Smooth Serum is right for you, how to use it in your routine, or how it works? Head here for an introduction to the product, and keep reading to find the answers to your biggest questions.


What is the ingredient breakdown of the 10% Clarity Acid Complex?

Our Strawberry Serum contains a 10% Clarity Acid Complex to help decongest, exfoliate the pores, and smooth texture! This Complex contains 2% salicylic acid, 1% mandelic acid, 3.5% strawberry, 3% azelaic acid, and 0.5% succinic acid!

What is succinic acid, and how is it beneficial for the skin?

Succinic acid is amazing for gently exfoliating and decongesting the pores, while hydrating and soothing the skin! It’s a great ingredient to help address blemish-prone skin without irritation.

What are the skincare benefits of strawberry?

Strawberry naturally contains decongesting salicylic acid, oil-balancing malic acid, and brightening vitamin C! It also naturally contains antioxidants to protect and nourish the skin, and enzymes that aid in gentle resurfacing.

What is azelaic acid, and how is it beneficial for the skin?

Azelaic acid helps to reduce redness and inflammation due to sensitivity or breakouts, and can help decongest while maintaining a healthy skin barrier!

What’s the pH of Strawberry Serum?

The pH of Strawberry Serum is adjusted to 5.0-5.5. While free forms of salicylic acid are typically formulated at lower pH levels, which can be more irritating to skin, the salicylic acid present in this formula is encapsulated. This keeps the salicylic acid efficacious while allowing more sensitive skin types to use it without excessive irritation that some may feel when using high level acid products. 

Where does the color come from?

Our Strawberry Serum is untinted and does not contain any added colorants!

Is the fragrance natural?

The fragrance in our Strawberry Serum is 100% naturally derived! The natural fragrance is derived from materials of natural origins, like fruit, vegetables, and plants. We formulate using the minimum amount of fragrance, when needed, to create a sensorial, enjoyable skincare experience. Fragrance is always less than 0.5% of our formulations, and all fragrances are vegan and free of PCM compounds, acetone, and much more.


Is this product suitable for dry skin types that experience breakouts?

Yes! Our Strawberry Serum is great for dry skin types. It helps to address congestion and breakouts without drying out or irritating the skin with the addition of hydrating and soothing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, bisabolol, and allantoin. 

Can I use this product even if I don’t have breakouts or blemish-prone skin?

Yes, you can! Strawberry Serum contains ingredients that have multiple benefits. Chemical exfoliants BHA and AHA can help smooth texture and fine lines over time, and help with roughness or flakiness. Azelaic acid helps to reduce redness and promote a strong skin barrier, and strawberry extract naturally contains antioxidants to help protect and nourish the skin! Our Strawberry Serum also contains hydrating and soothing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and allantoin. 

Is it non-comedogenic/non-acnegenic? Is it suitable for acne prone, oily skin?

Yes, this formula was specifically formulated with blemish-prone, oily skin in mind! It’s packed with great ingredients such as salicylic acid, mandelic acid, and strawberry, which are known to help clarify and resurface oily-prone skin without overdrying.

Is this formula safe for sensitive skin?

Yes, Strawberry Serum features different types of acids and ingredients known to work well with sensitive skin such as mandelic acid, allantoin, bisabolol, and hyaluronic acid! Mandelic acid is a larger exfoliating molecule that absorbs into the skin slower to help prevent potential irritation, and encapsulated salicylic acid is closer to the skin’s natural pH to provide benefits with minimized irritation!

Is this serum safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Because our Strawberry Serum contains salicylic acid (BHA), it is not recommended for use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. We always recommend consulting your doctor for the best advice when using skincare during pregnancy and breastfeeding!


Strawberry Smooth BHA+AHA Salicylic Serum is certified:

  • Dermatologist tested
  • Safe for sensitive skin
  • Allergy tested
  • Non-Comedogenic & Non-Acnegenic

What results can I expect to see from using this serum?

In a clinical study of 30 participants, after 4 weeks of use:

  • 100% had a significant improvement in fine lines/wrinkles
  • 93% had a significant reduction in pore size

In a clinical study of 30 participants, after 6 weeks of use:

  • 100% had shown an improvement in fine lines/wrinkles
  • 100% had significant decongestion and reduction in pore size

In a consumer use study on 30 subjects, after 4 weeks:

  • 100% agree this serum has reduced their blackheads. 
  • 97% agree this serum minimizes the appearance of their pores. 
  • 97% agree this serum has reduced their breakouts/blemishes.
  • 93% agree this serum smoothed the texture and bumps on their skin
  • 90% agree this serum diminishes post-acne hyperpigmentation


How do I use this product?

This serum is gentle enough to use daily, both morning & night. Dispense 1–2 pumps and gently pat onto a clean face and neck until fully absorbed. During the day, follow with sunscreen after moisturizer.

Can I use this serum with the Watermelon Glow Pore-Tight Toner, even though both contain chemical exfoliants?

Yes, you can! We recommend starting with your Watermelon Glow Toner and Strawberry Serum in different or alternating routines. Once your skin feels compatible with Strawberry Serum, you can use them together. If you feel your skin is sensitive, you can always alternate use of these exfoliants and use them in different routines to receive the benefits of both! 

Can this serum be used on the body, such as the back, to help with breakouts?

Yes, it can! While our Strawberry Serum is formulated to be used on the face, it can help reduce breakouts and texture on other areas of the body such as the arms, legs, or back.

How often can I use this serum?

Strawberry Serum can be used every day, morning and night if desired! If your skin is very sensitive or your barrier has been compromised, you may experience some irritation when applying an acid formula like Strawberry. We recommend patch testing first, and using 2-3 times per week if you have sensitive skin, then slowly working up to more frequent use. Remember to wear SPF every day!

Can you use it day and night?

Yes! If this is your first time using an acid treatment, we recommend patch testing first and gradually introducing the serum into your routine. You can start by using Strawberry serum 2-3 times per week at night and work up to more frequent usage if desired! If used during the day, make sure to wear sunscreen at the end of your skincare routine.

Are there any other ingredients to avoid when using this serum?

This formula pairs great with most ingredients, except benzoyl peroxide. There’s a common misconception that salicylic acid (BHA) cannot be used while using retinol products, but people with oily skin that are not particularly sensitive may be able to tolerate using both on a daily basis. People with more dry or sensitive skin can ease into using both ingredients into their routine by using a salicylic acid formula in the day and retinol at night. You can always use your other actives in separate or alternating routines if you have sensitive skin. As always, we recommend patch testing and wearing SPF every day.

Can you use Strawberry Serum with other Glow Recipe serums?

Yes, you can! Our Strawberry Serum can be paired with other Glow Recipe serums to achieve multiple targeted benefits in your routine. We always recommend applying serums in order from thinnest to thickest texture!


How is the Strawberry in this formula sourced?

We source ingredients with a lower environmental impact whenever possible! The strawberry water, leaf extract, and enzymes in this formula utilize all parts of the strawberry to minimize food waste and are processed in a way that helps conserve energy and water.

What is the recyclability of the packaging?

Every part of our Strawberry Serum packaging is recyclable. The glass bottle and the entire carton can be recycled curbside, and the plastic cap and pump can be recycled through our TerraCycle program.  Please rinse out the bottle before recycling!


You can currently shop our Strawberry Smooth BHA+AHA Salicylic Acid Serum online at Sephora, Sephora Canada, and You’ll find it in Sephora US stores starting 4/1, Sephora in Kohl’s 4/1, and Sephora Canada stores starting 4/2.

Cult Beauty – 4/1/22

Mecca – 4/26/22

Sephora Middle East – 5/1/22

Douglas – July 2022


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