Your Favorite Treatment Just Got a Makeover

Sometimes, you just know when you’re in love.

Leejiham is the creator of the beloved Tea Tree Essence and Vita Propolis Ampoule- two healing hydrators that have reached cult status in the K-Beauty world for their potent, ingredient-driven healing and nourishing capabilities. Finally, those two treatments are available in sheet mask form- aka the best way to figure out if that love is #true.

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ICYMI: LJH Treatments

The original Tea Tree Essence and Vita Propolis Ampoule are some of the easiest ways to implement two superpowered ingredients into your routine- due mostly to their respective watery textures. Both of them are among the highest rated products on our site, with dozens of 5 star reviews apiece!

Tea Tree 90 Essence:
Fragrance free and perfect for mattifying, treating trouble, and calming skin sensitivity, the Tea Tree 90 Essence is packed with 90% tea tree extract. Curious? Read the rave Tea Tree 90 Essence review.


Vita Propolis Ampoule:
Silkily textured and golden-hued, the Vita Propolis ampoule is a multi-tasking, glow-creating serum ampoule packed with 50% Propolis extract and 20% Multi-vitamins. Our favorite way to use it is to add it a few drops at a time to our night cream or BB cream for an instant radiance that is half skincare, half miracle. We’ve even blogged about our top 5 ways to use an ampoule for glowing skin.


Now, about that makeover:

Perfect for someone new to these treatments or for the already-obsessed, each of the new LJH masks delivers a perfect dose of hydration in a thin, flexible sheet. Our co-founders Sarah and Christine worked with the brand to make sure that these formulations were completely free of alcohol, and each is drenched in a full bottle of one of the original LJH essences. (That means you’ll have plenty left over for wherever else needs some love!)

Choose the Tea Tree Soothing Mask if your skin is feeling sensitive or troubled by breakouts. Formulated with a high percentage of Tea Tree extract, the OG Tea Tree 80 Essence is a cult favorite for those struggling with acne or sensitive skin conditions like eczema. Unlike tea tree oil, which can be irritating, the essence of tea tree is a seriously soothing, scent-free alternative that is more easily absorbed by the skin. An ace at reducing inflammation and redness, the acne-prone amongst our team are already hoarding a few of these masks for those days where an intensive dose of hydration and skin-calming is needed!

The Soothing mask plumps fine lines and delivers lasting hydration. So far, we’re loving using this mask after a pore-clearing Aqua Peel for skin that’s instantly softer, brighter, and ready to heal.

The Vita Propolis NutriMask is the uber-portable way to grab a dose of antioxidants. Propolis is known for it’s intensive antioxidant and healing properties, and is naturally anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. This mask is ideal for all skin types,  especially those looking to brighten dark spots or dull and tired skin, all while imparting a lasting, nourishing glow. Co-founder Christine refers to the original Vita Propolis ampoule as a daily essential, and she’s been known to say that she refuses to leave the house in the morning without adding a drop of it to her morning routine! Antioxidants are the second line of defense in anti-aging skincare after daily application of SPF- but more importantly, we call Propolis the ‘Glow Maker’ for a reason: it leaves your skin looking K-Drama levels of dewy.

The Propolis NutriMask plumps the skin and leaves it with a lasting, brightened glow. If you want to go really wild, try using this mask before an ultra hydrating, firming sleeping pack for a firmed, glowing visage!

Let us know in the comments which mask you’re dying to try!


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