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You Can Match Your Morning Drink to Your Face Cream Now

My morning coffee routine is practically a religious experience, as I find time with a hot cup of coffee to be essential before I even think about uttering a single word to another human being. Ditto for my a.m. skin routine, which functions as a kind of mind-centering meditation as I methodically pat and rub products into my skin. So imagine my delight when I found out that the coffee in skincare products functions as a kickstart for my complexion in the same way it does for my brain.

It got me thinking about what other a.m. drinks could also be good for your skin and it turns out there are quite a few. And they all have unique benefits for your complexion. With that in mind, here are five of our fave morning beverages and five popular products that feature them. Bottom’s up!

The A.M. Drink: Coffee
The Product: Yuripibu Cucu Black Truffle Eye Cream, $38
Despite it being most famous for its luxe truffle extract, its the caffeine in this eye cream that makes it a true morning savior. Stash it in the fridge for optimal tightening, de-puffing, and firming benefits. Iced coffee season, indeed.


The A.M. Drink: Green Tea
The Product: Whamisa Ausome Hydrating Double Layer Mist, $38
A daily cup of hot green tea is a classic (healthy) way to kick off your day — and simple, as well. Same with a face mist, particularly this Whamisa one, which offers extra moisturizing benefits and the antioxidant protection green tea is famous for. Not only is there oil infused into it for bonus hydration, but there’s soothing aloe vera extract to minimize redness and sensitivity, too.


The A.M. Drink: Iced Matcha Latte
The Product: Leegeeham Grow Matcha Clay Pack, $20
We get it — you’re a particular kind of lady who likes the finer things in life. Matcha, which is essentially super high-grade green tea, is beyond refreshing when put on ice alongside a solid serving of milk. It’s also a high-performance skincare ingredient that makes any treatment feel extra fancy. This matcha-packed clay mask gives you a highly effective pore detox and leaves a frosty feeling on your skin that’s absolutely delicious in the summertime heat. It’s also amazing at soothing and calming irritated skin as the clog-clearing clay does its business.


The A.M. Drink: Chia Seed Juice
The Product: Dr. G Green Mild Up Sun SPF 50+ PA++++, $27
Health nuts praise the little chia seed for its superfood prowess and vegan, heart-healthy dose of omega-3 fatty acids, which help fuel your brain. Drop a scoop of these into some fruit juice and you’ve got an ultra-healthy liquid way to start your day. Not unlike this sunscreen, which keeps you protected from UVA and UVB rays and uses those small and mighty seeds to moisturize — without making you greasy.


The A.M. Drink: Adaptogenic Tea
The Product: Blithe Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum, $49
Adaptogens are one of the hottest health trends right now: Considered superherbs or “smartfoods,” adaptogens work with the body to bring it into a state of mental and physical homeostasis (a.k.a. balance). Many trending adaptogens right now are from mushrooms, with chaga being one popular example. And when applied to skin, chaga adds a litany of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits. Which is what makes this already insanely moisturizing pressed serum so darn good for you.

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