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Which Jullai Oil Is Right For You?

When we first discovered Korean skin-care brand Jullai, we were blown away. The products are literally good skin in a bottle. The secret to their success lies in Jullai’s unique formulas, which are created through a very special method. Basically, the superfood actives that make these so effective go through a week-long cold-brewing process that maximizes their complexion protecting and perfecting powers.

The brand is one of the masters of Skip Care (read all about it here) — meaning they specialize in multi-use products that minimize the need for multiple steps in your morning or night routine. There are six products in the line, each with their own unique textures and benefits.

While you can’t go wrong with any of them, there are some key differences between each. To help you find which cold-brew goodie is best for your skin, we put together this guide to all things Jullai.

Keep reading to find your skin’s new secret weapon.

For The Perpetually Clogged


If you’re plagued by blackheads and breakouts, the Super 12 Bounce Cleansing Oil is definitely for you. It clears away the makeup, dirt, and grime that can plug your pores and cause blemishes. Along with the brand’s signature mix of superfood actives — which includes Tomato, Cauliflower, Blackberry, Spirulina, and Artichoke Leaf — there’s also Apple extract to help minimize oil, and Green Tea to smooth out skin texture.

For The Over Achiever & The Lazy Girl


If you have literally zero time to do anything (or if you just can’t motivate yourself to crawl off the couch), the Super 12 Bounce Thin Oil is going to make your life — or, at least, your beauty routine — so much easier. Thanks to its ultra-lightweight texture, it’s a no-brainer for those with oily skin. But, there’s so much more to this multi-tasking marvel that makes it the poster child for Skip Care. Thanks to its silky, quick-absorbing texture, it can also be used by all skin types as a serum, a booster for your moisturizer, or even as an eye cream. It quite literally does all of the things — something both the time-strapped and the under-motivated can appreciate.

For The Young At Heart


Plump up tired skin and erase fine lines with the Super 12 Bounce Essence Oil Toner, a hybrid treatment and toner. Nicknamed “The Blue Toner,” it features suspended capsules — filled with a blend of Sea Buckthorn fruit oil, Aloe, and Jojoba Seed oil — that burst upon contact with the skin. When combined with that hero superfood complex, it diminishes the look of fine lines as it hydrates and firms your complexion for a fresh-faced, revitalized look.

For The Delicate Flower


Sensitive skin can be a total pain — both figuratively and literally. Instead of picking out products that deal with skin concerns like aging or breakouts, your focus is on just finding something that won’t cause your face to freak out. The Super 7 Moisture Hydrating Gel will let you quit compromising when it comes to your skin care. It’s a gel-serum hybrid that soothes and defends against free radical damage while fortifying the skin barrier to keep skin safe and hydrated. Probiotics strengthen while Ylang Ylang oil detoxifies and prevents blemishes. A nourishing mix of cold-brewed Oatmeal, Quinoa, Chia Seed, Flowering Quince, Pumpkin Seed, Baobab Seed, and Linseed give much-needed TLC to inflamed, sensitive skin.

For The Glass Skin Seeker


Get glossy with the Super 12 Bounce Oil in Cream. A necessity for anyone who is a fan of that radiant, poreless look, this luxe moisturizer is a hybrid oil and moisturizer that transforms dull, dry skin into smooth and glowy perfection. The rich texture melts in immediately, so no greasiness or stickiness is left behind. It’s so, so good and has the awards to prove it: Allure Korea named it the Best Moisturizer in their Best of Beauty Awards.

For The Budget Pamperer


Take your sheet masks to next-level luxury with the Super 12 Bounce Oil in Mask. Soaked in the brand’s potent Super 12 antioxidant complex, this sheet mask also features Avocado and Sea Buckthorn Berry oils for ultimate nourishment and hydration. Despite a healthy dose of those complexion-enhancing oils, your skin won’t feel greasy or slick post application — just satiny, soft, and dewy. It comes in two pieces for easy, drip-free application. Best of all, at just $7, it’s a luxury everyone can afford to indulge in.

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