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What Is A Skin-Care Brush & Why Do You Need It?

When it comes to applying your skin-care products, you’ve probably been exclusively using your hands (maybe with a cotton pad thrown in here and there). Which seems like a very “no duh” sort of statement. What else is there? Let us be the first to introduce you to skin-care brushes. 

A rise in the use of beauty tools (see: Gua Sha tools and crystal facial rollers) has shown us that there are alternative ways to put on product that can both amp up the efficacy of products and have immediately noticeable improvements to your skin. The latest addition to this category is skin-care brushes. 

While applying your serums and moisturizers with a brush may seem a bit extra, it’s often better (and, yes, more glamorous) than using your fingers. As Dr. Simone Xavier, co-founder and head of product development for Sigma Beauty brushes tells us, “These brushes don’t pull or tug at the skin, minimizing skin-to-skin friction, which can slowly breakdown collagen and elastin, especially in the eye area, and cause wrinkles or stress.” 

So why not just use a makeup brush? As Dr. Xavier points out, these brushes could potentially soak up product, preventing it from actually getting on your skin. A skin specific brush is ultra soft and won’t absorb your moisturizer or serum, so it actually gets to your face and doesn’t waste product. “Skin brushes can be gentler than fingers for pampering and skin-prep.”

A skin specific brush is ultra soft and won’t absorb your moisturizer or serum, so it doesn’t waste product.

Interested in these cool tools? So were we, which is why we teamed up with Sigma to create the new Glow Recipe x Sigma Beauty Hydrate & Glow Set. It will feature both Sigma’s moisturizer and serum brushes, plus a full-size Banana Soufflé Moisture Cream and a deluxe sample size of the Pineapple-C Bright Serum in special yellow mesh pouch.

The two included brushes were each created for use with its designated product — one for a moisturizer, one for your serum. The serum brush features wispy fibers “that allow for even application of serums which often have a lighter, liquid texture,” Xavier says. The moisturizer brush is angled with dense fibers to help reach every part of your face “and ensure a smooth, gentle application,” Xavier says. She recommends applying moisturizer by sweeping the brush upward for full coverage. 

While Sigma’s brush fibers are made to be anti-microbial, as with any brush or skincare tool being used on your face, it should be washed with a cleansing formula after every use. This can be anything from a brush cleanser to a  gentle face cleanser. 

Adding a skin-care brush to your daily regimen lets you have good, clean fun as you upgrade your routine and pamper yourself in the process. There’s nothing wrong with being a little extra when it comes to your skin.


Glow Recipe x Sigma Beauty

Hydrate & Glow Set


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