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What Exactly Is Hyaluronic Clay?

Why settle for one amazing ingredient when you can have two? That’s the thinking behind hyaluronic acid, an innovative and exclusive-to-Glow Recipe ingredient that powers our Watermelon Glow Hyaluronic Clay Pore-Tight Facial. It serves two purposes: First, to solve the traditional drying effects of clay masks, and second, to give your skin the max amount of hydration. Here’s what makes it such a powerhouse for every skin type and concern out there.

What is hyaluronic clay?

Hyaluronic clay is a blend of hyaluronic acid (HA) and kaolin clay that’s exclusive to Glow Recipe. It’s not HA and kaolin clay as two  ingredients in the formula — rather, the hyaluronic acid is infused throughout the clay. We use a high-speed shear mixing process, which allows for the total dispersion of hyaluronic acid within clay. Kaolin clay is a lightweight clay best known for its ability to purify and mattify skin; research has found that it can draw out impurities and excess oil, as well as offer antibacterial properties (which is a big deal, considering bacteria is a major factor in acne formation). It’s also less drying and feels more pillow-y than other clays, making it a cinch to rinse.

Why the hyaluronic acid matters

We’ve long been big fans of hyaluronic acid here, which is why we built an entire serum around it. (Not to mention, you can find it everywhere from our Watermelon Glow PHA+BHA Pore-Tight Toner to our Watermelon Glow Pink Dream Body Cream.) Naturally, it was one of the first ingredients we thought of when creating the Watermelon Glow Hyaluronic Clay Pore-Tight Facial.

While there are a variety of HA sizes out there, from very low molecular weight to high, you’ll find a high molecular weight in this one. Not only does it have a greater ability to hold water than lower-weight HA molecules, but it’ll remain closer to the surface of the skin, where it can offer immediate plumping effects. The goal of this unique blend is to revitalize skin and max out its hydration — all while the clay works its skin-clarifying, pore-clearing magic.

What’s the benefit of hyaluronic clay?

The kaolin clay and hyaluronic acid actually have a symbiotic relationship, meaning that the two offer unique benefits to one another. On its own, the hyaluronic acid will evaporate from skin more quickly, whereas the addition of clay can help lock it in. On the other hand, the kaolin clay can dry out on the skin. The infusion of HA, however, offsets that moisture-stripping effect. Together, they refine pores while hydrating skin, giving you the best of both worlds  — and making it a clay mask for every skin concern out there.

But it’s not just about the hyaluronic clay; we believe the entire formulation counts. So, in our Watermelon Glow Hyaluronic Clay Pore-Tight Facial, hyaluronic clay works alongside other heavy hitters like beta hydroxy acid and polyhydroxy acid — BHA and PHA, respectively — as well as watermelon enzymes and blueberry seed powder. These make quick work of dead skin cells, allowing that hyaluronic clay to reach your skin and do its thing, while watermelon (a brand favorite) delivers antioxidants and key vitamins. 

All to say, if you’ve been dreaming of a mess-free clay mask that leaves skin refreshed, smooth, and decongested, you’re in luck. Hyaluronic clay makes it possible.

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