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We Aren’t Using These Words Anymore—Here’s Why

Since our inception, we’ve always strived to take an inclusive approach to skin-care. For starters, we don’t retouch the images you see in our ads and on social media, we aim for minimal makeup (if any), and we’re always committed to showing real skin, with bumps, texture, and all — because that’s what’s realistic for our customers (a.k.a. you!). 

Even our take on glass skin has evolved to be more accessible to all skin types, textures, and concerns, accommodating what your complexion might need on a given day; as we’ve said before, each day brings something different for your skin, which is why we believe in taking it Day by Day, Skin by Skin™. The original concept behind glass skin was based on the assumption that your skin isn’t dealing with breakouts, dark spots, and other very common concerns we all experience.

Our new, 2021 approach now takes the power of pores into consideration, and supports a gentle, more skin-loving strategy within your skin-care routine. We started by removing works like “poreless” and “flawless,” as they set unrealistic expectations for you and your skin. And anyway, your skin needs those pores! In normalizing them, we wanted to double-down on a kinder approach to dealing with clogs and generally show skin a little TLC.

Everyone can and should have healthy, hydrated, and bouncy skin that isn’t upheld to impossible standards. To that end, we’re officially banning the following words for our brand vocabulary:

  • Perfect Skin
  • Flawless
  • Poreless
  • Ageless
  • Anti-Wrinkle
  • Anti-Aging

No amount of skin-care products could make any of the above words a reality for most people — perfect skin just doesn’t exist — and any promise to do so isn’t in line with our brand values. The same goes for age-related terms. For example, “ageless” typically denotes skin that’s devoid of any wrinkles or showing signs of age. But the reality is that skin changes as we age — it’s normal! We’re eschewing “ageless” and “anti-aging” to ensure we’re embracing age, rather than shying away from it. In shifting how we talk about all things skin, we hope to acknowledge concerns, normalize your skin’s ups and downs, and uphold the ideal of real skin at its best, whatever that may look like. 

Ultimately, we believe banning these words is an important step to ensure that we’re always setting realistic, achievable expectations for both our customers and our products. We couldn’t be more proud to create skin-care formulas that help reveal the best, healthiest version of your complexion at any point in time. After all, you deserve nothing less.

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