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Splash masks are causing…well, quite a splash. Beauty editors and customers alike have been giving us great feedback, which we’re over the moon about – nothing makes us happier than introducing these types of game-changing innovations that give real results.

Into the Gloss said “No sticky residue to deal with, no excess packaging. Just hyper-plump skin“, Allure reviewed that “I immediately get to go on with my life with plumper, fresher, more glow-y skin“, while InStyle raved “better skin is simply a few splashes and pats away“.  One of our favorite bloggers, In Haute Pursuit reviewed that “the immediate feeling of firmness after patting my skin dry is astounding every single time

We know that splash masking is a very new product category for most, so no fear – we’re breaking down the 3 best ways to use it and tips and tricks on how to get the most out of this breakthrough.


A liquid treatment that you splash and pat onto the face to instantly yet gently resurface skin and leave it soft and glowing. Each bottle has approximately 30 uses.


It’s a concentrated blend of lactic acid, antioxidant-rich botanicals & fruits and hydrating glycerin. These ingredients work together to retexturize skin but also leave it hydrated and brightened.  The splashing and patting action is also critical – this helps the formula to absorb and efficiently exfoliate the skin.


1.In a basin
The classic way to use a splash mask is in the basin of your sink or a clean, wide bowl. Mix a capful of the formula in a bit less than 3 cups of water (the cap is 7ml, 2.9 cups is around 700ml for a 1:100 ratio). Then splash and pat gently on your cleansed face, avoiding the eyes and lips – see the video below for an example!  Repeat the splash and patting action for 15~30 seconds, then dry skin by patting it with a towel. Follow with your skincare steps. If you aren’t ready to use a basin yet….read on.
2.In the shower
A hack to splash mask without cleaning a bowl is… in the shower (see below video). Dispense a capful of the formula into your palm and splash and pat all over your cleansed face, avoiding the eyes and lips. Some of the splash mask will run down your arms, but no worries – the most important part is to make sure to pat for at least 15 seconds so that the formula fully absorbs. Then cup some water from the shower in your palms, and splash and pat this water all over the face. Repeat a few times.

A tip for better results is to use half a capful first, splash and pat on the face, then use another half a capful of formula to repeat this action.

The splash mask can also substitute as a cleanser and toner-in-one in the morning – shave some time off your routine!

3. Wet on a cotton pad
If you aren’t feeling the basin or shower method, fill a flat dish with water and then wet two cotton pads with a few drops of splash mask, then use this to pat your face as Refinery 29’s Korea correspondent Joyce Kong demonstrates in the below video.

Btw, did you know that celebrities in Korea have been using a capful or two of splash mask in their bath for extra soft body skin?

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The splash mask comes in three flavors, Citrus & Honey, Green Tea and Purple Berry. While all three help to retexturize the skin, we’d recommend Citrus & Honey for brightening, Green Tea for soothing and balancing, and Purple Berry for aging concerns. Use 1~2x a week instead of your mask.

And finally, since this formula has acids in it, remember to use SPF so that you are protecting skin as well!

Get your glow on,

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