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Why You Shouldn’t Switch Up Your Skincare While Traveling

Though we’re all tempted, traveling is kind of the worst time to test out a new skin-care regimen. And yet, so many of us optimistically tote a free sample (it’s so cute and travel-friendly!) of some new mask, spf, or cream we’ve never tested out beforehand — and proceed to use it when we’re jetlagged, dehydrated from air travel, and likely photographed more often than usual (#weddingseason). 

“When you travel, the random cleansers and products in the hotel or out of your home can take a toll on your skin,” dermatologist Dr. Mona Gohara says. “Lack of sleep and diet changes can increase cortisol levels and cause a pro-inflammatory state,” she explains. That inflammation can lead to breakouts, dryness, and even rosacea. 

While some of these issues might happen immediately (for instance, if a product is too irritating for your skin, you’ll feel that stinging sensation right away), sometimes you won’t know a product was a “nope” until two days or even weeks later. 

Then, of course, there’s the toll that travel takes on your skin. All that recycled plane air, skipping through time zones, not getting enough sleep, following a different diet, not exercising, and other variables can compromise your skin health and clarity. 

Which is why you need to make sure you stick as close as possible to your regular skin routine. After all, it’s a lot easier to mess up your skin than it is to try and course correct after the fact. For that reason, Dr. Gohara makes sure to have TSA-approved versions of all of her regular skin-care items whenever she travels. It’s a genius, ridiculously easy idea that will help ensure your skin isn’t totally thrown for a loop every time you leave home.

Want to do the same? If you’re a diehard Glow Girl, you’re in luck: Our new, limited-edition Mask Trio Kit features deluxe sizes of our three most powerful sleeping masks. All travel-friendly, TSA-approved skin stars that will help you keep your regular routine without having to haul your full-size products with you. Here’s what you get:

  • Watermelon Glow Sleeping Mask, a luxuriously bouncy, breathable sleeping mask that smooths and perfects skin while you sleep.
  • Avocado Melt Retinol Sleeping Mask is a creamy, nourishing treatment that improves skin’s elasticity and reveals smoother, hydrated skin with each use. Use It as a wash-off flash facial or overnight mask for deep recovery.
  • Avocado Melt Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask is a powerful eye sleeping mask to moisturize, brighten, address fine lines, and de-puff. 

So, while it’s fun to test out new stuff from the comfort of your own bathroom, you’re better off avoiding potential skin disasters by packing this small-but-mighty mask trio in your carry on. Leave the adventuring to your travel itinerary, not your skin.

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Mask Trio Kit


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