These New Cleansing Pads Are Changing the Game

Whenever someone asks me how to improve their skin, the first thing I do is analyze their cleansing habits. Are they using the right products? Are they following the 1+1 rule? Are they patting after, or are they drying their skin with a harsh towel? I’ve found that time and time again, the way to kickstart a better, more effective skincare routine is to start with a good cleanse. After all, you aren’t doing your subsequent products justice if you’re not setting the stage for them to be properly absorbed.

When a few beauty junkie friends in Korea told us about a new brand called Harumada, we were intrigued. A brand that’s so obsessed with cleansing that they launched with two cleansing products? We had to try them. My only reservation was that I’ve never been a fan of cleansing wipes, especially how vigorously you have to rub it on the skin to remove makeup. But they assured me that these cleansing pads aren’t at all like any wipes on the market. And they were right — they’re basically a “cleansing facial” in a pad.

IMG_0621When I first tested the Harumada Morning Cleansing Pad, the first thing I noticed was how plush the cotton was. The fabric’s high quality helps to minimize friction and ensure that each pad is fully soaked in the cleansing treatment. My skin felt soft, refreshed, and bouncy afterwards.

HARUMADA1The Triple Balance One-Step Cleansing Pad was the easiest double cleanse I’ve ever done. As I gently rubbed the pad into my skin, it started to bubble and it was a breeze to take off my makeup and sunscreen. Afterwards, my skin felt deeply cleansed and looked brighter without any tightness.

Sarah and I have been using both Harumada pads regularly in our routine for months now, and it has totally changed the way we approach cleansing. I love that these gentle, sulfate-free pads are dual-sided with both cleansing and treatment benefits and how they make on-the-go cleansing so easy.

The Breakdown

IMG_0801How to Use the Morning Cleansing Pad
Gently sweep the light blue microfiber side over skin to unclog and cleanse, then the use the white 100% cotton side to tone and treat. Gently rinse with cool water afterwards.

When Do I Use the Pad?
– In the morning.
– Before I dash to the gym after work. (I hate working out with makeup on!)
– If I’ve been running around the city all day and need a quick refresh before reapplying skincare and makeup for an evening meeting.
– I always keep one in my bag for a quick cleanse before I #maskeverywhere. It’s a much easier alternative to carrying a cotton round soaked in cleansing water.

IMG_0823How to Use the Triple Balance One-Step Cleansing Pad
I use the embossed microfiber side in circular motions to deep cleanse (you’ll see the pad start to foam), then use the 100% cotton side to tone and treat. I’ve also used it to remove eye makeup – gently swipe so that you don’t get it in your eyes! Rinse with cool water afterwards.

When Do I Use the Pad?
– At night, when I’m too tired to do a full double cleanse.
– As a leak-proof travel essential. I recently went on a weekend trip and just threw two of these pads in my bag instead of a cleanser tube.
– Whenever I feel like my skin needs softening but is too sensitive to handle a traditional scrub or acid formula. It leaves my skin perfectly balanced and smooth.

Harumada Cleansing Pad Key Ingredients: Sage Extract, Lemon Balm Leaf Extract, Rose Hip

We can’t wait for you to try our newest brand curation. Comment below with your feedback!

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