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The Cleansing Water & Oil Combo is a Skincare Gamechanger


If you ask me, cleansing waters tend to be the best face washes on the market. While typical cleansers use harsh soaps to strip away dirt and oil — which throws your skin’s natural moisture layer out of whack — cleansing waters are a gentle, soap-free alternative that erases makeup, dirt, and oil without drying you out.

That said, a lot of cleansing waters tend to be just that — cleansers. They don’t go that extra mile when it comes to hydration or improving skin texture. So when I tried the new Make P:rem Radiance Me Cleansing Water Oil, I was intrigued to see it was somehow both a water and a cleansing oil. It has a powerful ratio of both cleansing water (7/10) and cleansing oil (3/10), so not only would it rid my skin of dirt and oil, but it would also add moisture back into it. What’s more? The product claims that the added oil will easily break down makeup. And as someone who wears a lot of waterproof eyeliner, that’s definitely a claim I hoped was true.

Make P:rem Radiance Me Cleansing Water Oil is a bi-phase cleanser, meaning that you have to shake it to combine both the oil and water before using. Once you do that, the formula is able to work its cleaning magic. The standout ingredient is Vitaberry 5, a potent mix of cloudberry, bilberry, sea buckthorn berry, raspberry, and blackberry. Thanks to the antioxidants present in this powerful complex, it both cleans and brightens your skin, improving texture immediately after use. So you aren’t just cleaning your skin — you’re treating it as well.


But does it work? Well, after just one use of this unique cleansing hybrid, I was completely blown away. I used my fingers to massage it into my skin, and then pressed and held a few drops over my eyes for a minute to break down any makeup, then gently massaged the pigment away. After I rinsed, I was surprised to see how calm my skin looked — usually, cleansers leave me looking a little red and shiny. But this left my face insanely moisturized and glowing. I even found that I had to use less of my nighttime moisturizer afterwards.

So no, you no longer have to choose between moisturized skin and an effective cleanse. Make P:rem Radiance Me Cleansing Water Oil gives you both of those benefits in one package. Great skin shouldn’t be a struggle, so anything that both works and makes my life a little bit easier in the process is a winner in my book.


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  • Linda Wilson Feb 8, 2019 2:49 pm

    I rarely, if ever, wear makeup & have tried oil cleansing to no avail. I still have some acne & my skin is an oily/dry combo. It’ll seriously be oily with flaky skin in the same spot. After cleansing, it doesn’t matter whether I use moisturizer or not, I still get oily.

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