The Best Makeup Melters, According To A Makeup Artist

I’ve been working in the beauty world as a freelance makeup artist since 2002 and skincare is the foundation of my makeup ethos. You can’t apply pretty makeup if your skin isn’t happy. And happy skin begins with a proper cleanse. That’s why one of my must-have products is a face wash that not only gets rid of makeup but also keeps my skin fresh and hydrated.

I am always testing new products to find the one cleanser that does it all, which is why when I was introduced to the idea of makeup melters, I was curious. These pumped-up cleansers literally melt the makeup off of your face, getting rid of every last trace of foundation, mascara, and even lipstick.

I wanted to see just how effective these makeup-erasing products were, so I tried three different ones to see just how well they did the job. Read on for my reviews.

HARUMADA Triple Balance One Step Cleansing Foam Pad


While I love the convenience of face wipes, I tend to use them only in case of emergency. Translation, the one day a month I’m REALLY tired and I don’t feel like actually washing my face. That’s because I don’t ever feel like my face is clean enough from a wipe — they usually leave my skin feeling alcohol-y and I always want to rinse off after, which kind of defeats the purpose.

But wipes aversion notwithstanding, I was still curious to try the Harumada Triple Balance One Step Cleansing Foam Pad. That’s because they’re so different from makeup removing wipes as we know them. They’re more like a washcloth pre-loaded with product. The cute little pad slips nicely over your fingers with a textured side for cleansing and a soft side for toning. The Hyaluronic Acid-rich water-to-foam formula broke down my makeup (even mascara) and the cooling effect from Sage and Peppermint immediately made my skin feel fresh. After a quick splash of water, my skin was tingly and squeaky clean without feeling tight. I still prefer a full cleanse for my everyday routine, but unlike other wipes, I would definitely bring these along to use on-the-go. I want to buy them in bulk and keep them in every gym bag and travel kit I own.

J.ONE Jelly Cleanser


When trying out this jelly cleanser I thought to myself, This might as well be called The Honey Cleanser! That’s because of its yummy, rich honey scent, which you’ll be happy to learn isn’t artificial — this melting cleansing gel contains Honey extract AND Royal Jelly. The texture kind of feels like hair gel, but without the sticky feel. When I applied it to dry skin I could see it start to break down my makeup right away. I wet my hands and massaged my face with them and, almost like magic, the gel turned into a foam. I massaged for a minute, then rinsed my face and all traces of makeup had disappeared. My skin felt supple and conditioned thanks to the Honey and Royal Jelly, which are both anti-inflammatories that also tone and balance the skin. This offers the ultimate gentle cleanse with added skin-healthy benefits.

GLOW RECIPE Blueberry Bounce Gentle Cleanser


When I try new goodies, I like to do my research on ingredients and benefits. After seeing this unique product, I realized I’ve never really thought about the topical benefits of Blueberries. It stands to reason that if they can fight free radicals in your body, they can probably fight free radicals on your skin. This alone made me curious about this gel cleanser. An important fact to know before you use it: While it looks like it would go onto dry skin, you’re supposed to activate it with water first. To do this I wet my hands and then pumped the product into them, rubbing it onto my wet face in circular motions. The thick gel foams to a nice lather and feels rich on the skin. After about a minute, I could see that my makeup had melted off (even my mascara), and with after a quick rinse, my face felt super-fresh. Also, this one-step cleanser is a lazy girl’s dream because it doubles as a mask. To use it as a treatment mask, I applied it to dry skin and let it sit for a few minutes. The Hyaluronic Acid and Blueberries in the formula left my skin feeling bouncy and clean. Two products in one, yay!

Now that I know the secret of makeup melters, my cleansing routine has gone to a whole new level. Have you tried a makeup melter before? Tell us about it in the comments!

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