The Best Gifts For Beauty Lovers

Sometimes playing the role of Santa Claus isn’t easy — especially when you have a bevy of friends and families with very different tastes. Rather than just give them a gift card and call it a day, take a minute to really think about their style. Are they always the first to try a beauty trend? Do they stand in the skincare aisle looking like a lost puppy?

Fortunately for them, they’ve got you as their skincare fairy godmother. Read on for our guide to picking out personalized presents for all of your nearest and dearest.

For the K-Beauty Newbie: The Glow Gang Gift Set


If they’re interested in K-Beauty but just don’t know where to start, our Glow Gang Gift Set is like Korean Skincare 101. It has everything they need to start their K-Beauty journey: a multi-tasking makeup-remover and gentle cleanser, a serum-moisturizer hybrid, and two nourishing masks for day and night. For extra credit, it’s also got a travel-friendly moisturizer, jelly-sheet mask, and sleeping mask to help them stick to their new routine while they are on the go.

For the Gwang Girl: Jullai Holiday Gift Set


If your friend is a certified “gwang” (the Korean word for “glow”) addict, this set is perfect for them. With its superfood-infused toners and oils, they’ll be well on their way to K-Pop worthy glass skin. This kit also has a secret: It includes three totally new products that aren’t yet available on Meaning your friend will get first dibs on the Super 7 Moisture Essence Oil Toner, Super 12 Bounce Thin Oil, and the Super 12 Bounce Thick Oil. They’ll be the glowing envy of all the other gwang girls out there.

For the Makeup Artist: Blithe In-Between Line


For those who can apply a cat-eye liner in their sleep and always know the best highlighting tricks, Blithe’s In-Between line is going to help them take their makeup game to the next level. These essences and moisturizers won’t clog pores and can both treat the skin and prime it for flawless foundation application. And, for days when she wants to keep it simple, these genius double-duty beautifiers can also create glassy, glowy skin look, no foundation or strobing required.

For the Sensitive Soul: All is Calm Gift Set


For people with sensitive skin, finding products that work and won’t irritate their delicate visages is a tricky endeavor. Let them know you understand their struggle by presenting them with a gift set made especially for their easily irritated skin. Our All is Calm set is curated with the best soothing and gentle products for even the most sensitive of skin types. What better way to show them you care than by showing them how to care for their skin?

For the Masking Maven: Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask


To her, every day is #SelfCareSunday. Her skincare arsenal is stocked with enough sheet masks to make a curtain out of. Surprise her with a treatment that will rock her masking world: the Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask. This first-of-its-kind mask is a whipped slice of avocado heaven that simultaneously hydrates, exfoliates, and de-greases all in one creamy, dreamy formula. Just be prepared for her to immediately start slathering it on the moment she unwraps it.

For the Fashion Star: The Watermelon Jelly Tote


If she’s a fashion fiend who always looks on trend, then the Watermelon Jelly Tote will be the perfect addition to her clothing and skincare wardrobe. The stylish tote comes packed with our entire Watermelon Glow line (all travel-friendly and ready to go wherever that fashion life takes her). The tote makes a cute everyday bag that can be dressed up or down. Proof positive that you don’t need designer goods to be a fashion star.

For Your Whole Crew: The You Jelly Sweatshirt


Looking for something to please them all? Our adorable You Jelly Sweatshirt works with every style and looks good on everyone. Perfect for lounging on the couch for a Netflix binge, or take it to the streets by layering it with your fave pair of cropped jeans — it’s a fashion statement that women of all shapes and sizes can make.

See? Gift cards ain’t got nothing on these present picks.

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