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The Best Beauty Advice Our Moms Gave Us

Our beauty and self-care rituals wouldn’t be what they are today without the women who helped shape us. Here, some of our favorite women to share the best beauty advice their mothers gave them.


“My mom always taught me that taking care of my skin and building a healthy foundation is the most important thing. She never let me do anything—eat a snack, do my homework, watch TV—before cleansing my face. Now it’s the first thing I do as soon as I get home!” — Sarah Lee, co-founder of Glow Recipe


“Skincare was always a bonding activity with my mom. Some of my best memories are going to the bathhouse with my mom and grandmother and dipping in tubs infused with different botanicals and splashing tea or milk on the face to soften the skin. My mom was passionate about using natural ingredients and really taught me to listen to my skin and take the time to enjoy my routine each day. Indulging in my skincare routine as a pampering, sensorial moment of self-care is still a tradition that I carry on to this day.” — Christine Chang, co-founder of Glow Recipe


“My mom was constantly stressing the importance of sunscreen. She always said she regretted not protecting her skin when she was younger! I was told daily to wear SPF 50+, and reapply every 2 hours. Now because of her I always wear hats, sunglasses, and anything else that can help block the sun. I even put sunscreen on the back of my hands when I’m driving! I’m very fair skinned, so I’m glad my mom taught me the importance of sun protection from a young age.” – Lexington Hartman, @looksbylexington

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“Growing up in the beauty industry, it is so easy to compare yourself to others and have unrealistic beauty standards. My mother would always tell my sister and I that beauty is not defined by physical or outer appearances but rather our mind and how we treat others around us. Also, shout to my mom who never let me cut/over pluck my thick brows that I was so self-conscious about in high school!” — Taylor Frankel, co-founder of Nudestix

“One of my favorite beauty moments and memories is creating my own beauty products in the kitchen of our home with my Mom as a kid – she taught me at a really young age that you can take ingredients that are natural and from the earth and transform them into highly effective products, which is actually why I created Briogeo!” – Nancy Twine, Briogeo founder

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“The best beauty advice my mom ever gave me was to take time for my skincare routine. I grew up watching her go through a meticulous 8-step regimen as a nightly ritual. She never treated beauty as a frivolous thing or something to be rushed through. This helped me appreciate the time I took when I eventually started my own beauty regimen, and gave me the confidence I needed to be more adventurous when it came to experimenting with different looks.” — Faith Xue, Editorial Director at Byrdie


“The best beauty advice my mom ever gave me is to drink lots of water! My #1 piece of advice for my daughter is to wear SPF. Every. Single. Day.” – Holly, Supergoop founder


“Growing up, my mom refused to let me color my hair, saying everyone’s natural color is the most flattering, and it’s pretty much the only rule I didn’t rebel against (minus the time I got truly terrible ombré tips in college, which I cut off a month later). Even though I have access to the best colorists and friends who look insanely cool with platinum hair, I’ve never regretted preserving my natural texture and shine. That, and always, always, always do your full skincare routine on your neck. Neck and hands are dead giveaways of age and skin damage.” —Alix Tunell, beauty & lifestyle writer

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