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Sheet Mask Showdown: Which One Is Right For You?

Sheet masks are a skincare lover’s best friend: They’re portable, efficacious, disposable, and most importantly, total Instagram eye candy. And because sheet masks have become beloved so quickly, the category has grown exponentially, with a slew of different formulations, treatments, and now, textures of sheet masks to choose from. As much as we love having so many options, that giant assortment available to us can be overwhelming at times.

In order to find the best one for you, it’s a matter of knowing what your skin type and needs are, but it’s also about identifying which texture mask is best for you. What, you didn’t know there was more than one?

That’s ok because there’s nothing we love more than teaching people about some of our favorite aspects of K-beauty. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the five main types of sheet masks, what they do, and who they are best for. Keep reading for all the details.



What They Are: Featuring a cotton-fiber fabric, these masks mimic the texture and feel of paper, making them an inexpensive option. There are also pulp masks, which are a woven cotton that’s slightly finer than traditional fiber styles. Since cotton is so absorbent, these masks are saturated with serum, so your skin gets a maximum amount of treatment and hydration.
How They Work: The paper is smoothed onto skin and is left on your face as you would with a traditional mask. The paper creates a type of barrier that ensures the serum goes into the skin, rather than evaporating in the air.
Shop It: Leegeehaam Life Hyal B5 Moisture Mask, $5



What They Are: Our first-of-its-kind jelly mask uses a revolutionary mix of natto gum (fermented soybeans) and pressed watermelons to create its bouncy texture. Because it is actually made from our hero skin-smoothing and brightening fruit, you get a super-charged treatment that will visibly transform your complexion after just one use. It adheres perfectly to the skin to hydrate and soothe inflammation, making it an excellent priming step before makeup application — or just when you need to cool off.
How They Work: Because the jelly has advanced adhesive technology, the clear gel sheets (it comes in two parts, one for the top half of face and one for the bottom) apply to skin seamlessly. And it barely shows while you’re wearing it, meaning you can literally mask anywhere and everywhere. The moisturizing ingredients are oil-free and absorb immediately helping to hydrate skin without coating it, allowing other skincare products to sink in and to not interfere with a makeup primer.
Shop ItGlow Recipe Watermelon Glow Jelly Sheet Mask, $8



What They Are: These next-generation masks are unlike your average cotton sheet mask as they’re made with a smooth gauze-like fabric that adheres to the skin.
How They Work: Dubbed the “Water magnet pack” — these masks are made with a patented lanseal technology, a smooth gauze fabric that effectively delivers a potent dose of formula to your skin because it can absorb 150 times more formula than the average sheet mask. If you’re looking for an instant dose of moisture — this sheet mask is for you.
Shop It: Your Peace Lanseal Sheet masks, $5



What They Are: Considered to be the gold standard among all sheet masks, bio-cellulose formulations are woven from the all-natural fiber to create skin-tight adhesion, allowing for maximum absorption of the efficacious ingredients the mask has been soaked in or made with.
How They Work: To the touch, bio-cellulose masks feel like a cool gel as well — but unlike their hydrogel cousins, they’re far sturdier as the underlying structure is strong and resilient. Unlike all other sheet masks, they’ll never dry out during wear time, either.
Shop It: Briskin Real Fit Second Skin Sheet Masks, $6


What They Are: Typically produced as two-part “systems,” hydrogel masks have a piece for your upper face as well as your bottom one. The moniker of hydrogel itself is derived from the production process of these masks — blending various serums with gelatin to give them their moist, slippery feel.
How They Work: Because they’re quite literally pre-soaked, make sure you handle a hydrogel mask with kid gloves. The cool, thin film is prone to tearing; but if used correctly, helps to increase absorption of ingredients while providing a sensorial experience, too.
Shop It: Whamisa Organic Flowers & Aloe Vera Fermented Hydrogel Sheet Mask, $9

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