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Seoul Beauty Haul!

Glow Recipe’s co-founder Christine recently came back from a trip to Seoul, South Korea. The anticipation in the office was palpable as her return meant suitcases full of new beauty products straight from the source! A haul in its truest sense, Christine literally hauled her suitcases (note the plural) across the globe. This time, Christine brought back new, innovative products (as always), but also a couple of tried-and-true favorites as well!


First up is Acwell’s pH 5.5 Cleanser, a balancing, bubble-free cleanser that restores skin to its optimal pH of 5.5. With its bubble-free formula, this cleanser easily glides onto skin while effectively removing dirt and makeup. It can even be used twice for a double cleanse which creates a clean canvas for the rest of your skincare routine.

Next is the long-awaited return of Su:m37’s Miracle Rose Cleansing Stick, a Korean skincare favorite that gently deep-cleans skin. The unique formulation and packaging are not only beautiful (it smells amazing and looks great), but the product is also great for precision cleansing that leaves skin soft and hydrated.

It is no secret that we love everything that Blithe releases for their innovation and unique ingredients (see: splash masks and pressed serums), so when Christine revealed four new products – two sheet masks, a new essence, and a new pressed serum – we were ecstatic to try them out.


In addition to the splash masks, we can add sheet masks to the Blithe family of products. The Abalone and Sea Cucumber sheet masks are soaked in essences that harness the brightening and nourishing ingredients from Jeju Island. The Vital Treatment Pulp Essence in 8 Nourishing Beans is a protein-packed essence with bursting beads, or “pulp,” of Vitamin E to hydrate and brighten skin. The second product is a new, Velvet Yam Pressed Serum which features 68.5% mountain yam extract that deeply hydrates skin. It lives up to its name with a rich and velvety texture that seriously leaves skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom.


Last, but definitely not least, is the Primary Raw Doyou Azulene Gel Cream, a bouncy, gel cream that also has microcapsules of Vitamin E suspended in the cream that burst upon skin contact. Formulated with soymilk (doyou is soymilk in Korean) and bamboo sap, this deceptively lightweight formula ‘aqua fills’ skin from the inside out giving skin a hydrated and youthful look.

Stay tuned for the latest in natural beauty and skincare from Korea!

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