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Say Thanks to Mom – Our Special Gift Guide

The past several years have been pretty eventful – a move across continents, getting married, a major career change, starting a business, to name just a few. Amidst all of that, very little could have prepared me for being a mother. As cliche as it sounds, it was truly one of the most rewarding but also most challenging things I’ve ever done. The thought that the physical and emotional well-being of another being rested entirely in the hands of me and my husband was terrifying.  One of the best parts of motherhood – other than my daughter of course 🙂 – was that it helped me become even closer to my own mother. I finally had a better understanding of how much she had done to give me a loving upbringing and it made me appreciate her even more.


Blessed to have this little one (and finally getting some shut eye now!)

So while I am still far from being an expert on motherhood, here are a few gift recommendations that I know will help say thanks and show your appreciation to Mom!

Take a dip

Moms need a break from their busy schedules, and what better way to relax than a mini-vacation to the beach? Bring the ocean to your mom with the Whamisa Organic Sea Kelp Sheet Mask. Made with organic 100% real sea kelp, this mask is a portable ocean breeze that brightens and soothes. As a Mother’s Day special, the set of 5 Sea Kelp Masks is discounted to $40!

Natural beauty

Our moms are naturally beautiful to us – and a gentle, harsh-free, yet effective organic way to care for her skin is the perfect way to pamper her. The Whamisa’s SLS-free foam cleanser + the cult Whamisa Natto Cream duo will keep her skin hydrated, smoothed and glowing. Just like how you can always rely on Mom, you can always depend on this one-two punch of natural and organic ingredients to provide lasting hydration.

A skin-bouquet

Flowers are always appreciated, and some of our most beautiful formulations using delicate petals are also some of our most effective. Each Whamisa Damask Rose Mist is created by hand-inserting organic rose petals into an uber hydrating mist formula. I keep a bottle in my purse at all times so that I can spritz on liberally throughout the day and be shrouded in a light floral cloud.

Time is of the essence

Moms have a lot on their plate, so time saving products and tips are always appreciated. Giving your mom a multi-tasker to make her skincare routine a little easier is a no-brainer. The Blithe Splash Mask in Purple Berry is a great way for her to get the benefits of a mask without interrupting her day – all she needs is 30 seconds during her shower to splash on a treatment for instant results.

Forever young

Antioxidants are like the multi-vitamins of skincare. Keep Mom’s skin healthy and youthful by giving her a skincare essential that will help stave off free radicals and environmental damage to the skin. A great option is LJH Vita Propolis Ampoule, with 50% antioxidant-rich propolis extract.

Spa Day

Skincare is just as much about the experience. Putting together a spa day for mom with mimosas, fluffy robes, cheesy DVDs and masks is a fun way to bond with mom, and leave her skin radiant. Our favorite masks to share with mom are Soyedodam’s Ginseng Hydrogel Masks or the fun-to-peel-off Lindsay Rubber Masks. Also, as a special offer, Innisfree sheet masks are now 10 for $10, ensuring lots of mother-child masking in the future.

For a limited time, we’re offering special Mother’s Day sets (Spa Glow and Time is of the Essence) at a special price. Order by Monday, May 2nd to ensure that your gift arrives in time to celebrate (for domestic addresses)!

Get your glow on (with Mom),

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