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Product Review: Primary Raw Soy Milk Bio Lumpoule

I’m excited to introduce our newest treatment from Primary Raw – the Soy Milk Bio Lumpoule.


The Glow Recipe team opens up every Monday morning with a product round table. We discuss the various products that we’re testing and also sort through our newest submissions and decide who will be testing what. I’m not ashamed to say that once this bottle appeared on the table, I fell into what can only be described as a temporary trance and woke up to find myself cuddling the bottle, while members of my team eyed me with slight consternation. But I digress.


The Primary Raw Soy Milk Bio Lumpoule comes in a solid glass plump bottle. While ingredients and formulations are our top priority at Glow Recipe – and Primary Raw checks off all of our stringent curation guidelines – a beautifully designed bottle is also a sensorial plus that heightens the skincare experience. (Check out our POV on beautiful packaging in this post)

The formula is called ‘Lumpoule’ – a combination of ‘lumps’ and ampoule’. The ‘lumps’ describe the concentrated chunks of fermented soy used in the formulation in the ampoule format. Soybean isoflavones are a powerful anti-aging and antioxidant ingredient that work to keep skin youthful and smooth.


This multi-tasker functions as a toner, serum and ampoule in one and feels nourishing yet lightweight on the skin. I’ve been using the Lumpoule after cleansing and then follow with a lightweight gel cream in the morning, or a more emollient cream at night. Over the course of the drastic temperature fluctuations in NYC, I’ve had my heater on full blast many nights and this formula has really helped to keep my skin feeling comfortable and deeply hydrated.

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The texture is bouncy and slightly viscose as it’s water free, as many of Primary Raw products are. Instead the brand’s chemists used nutrient-rich rice bran water as a base. The formula also contains a powerhouse roundup of Centella Asiatica, also called ‘tiger’s herb’ as tigers roll around in this herb in the wild when wounded to aid healing, hydrating hyaluronic acid and anti-aging ingredient niacinimide.

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I love the fact that Primary Raw formulas have an aspect of ‘surprise and delight’ from formula to packaging. The Bio Lumpoule comes with its own sidekick – a multi-balm that hangs in a sleek silver pod around the neck. It’s perfect to add an additional boost of moisture to especially dry patches on the face (for me it’s around the mouth and cheek). It’s also handy to dot around the cheekbones in the morning to give that subtle glow or ‘gwang’ effect.

After a week, I feel that my complexion looks brighter, I look more rested and my skin feels more ‘zzon zzon’, an onomatopoeia for uber-hydrated, supple, custard-like skin. Plus I love the fact that this is a multi-tasker and helps to streamline my winter skincare routine without compromising on nourishment.


Did you know that the Bio Lumpoule bottle is designed to be upcycled into a diffuser? Amazing. 

Find the Primary Raw Soy Milk Bio Lumpoule here.

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