Ready to Mask + CHILL?

Summer’s here, y’all!!! Pack up your sunscreen and get ready to mask + chill.

Mask and chill was born when GR staffers co-opted the netflix and chill trend by adding a new element: maximizing self care with a sheet mask! We mask and chill all year long, but wanted to share our tips for summer masking with you- so that you’re armed and ready when the next heat wave hits.

C is for… Cooling it down

One of our favorite ways to literally cool  down on a hot summer day is to pop a sheet mask into the fridge. Cooling down the skin has been trending in K-beauty for a few years now as the skin is more prone to irritation and sebum production when the temperature rises. Try it with any sheet mask you have on hand, but we find it works particularly well with the Ginseng Hydrogel. It’s already a tingly treatment on it’s own, so refrigeration means double the cooling hydration, lifting, and firming fun! 30-40 minutes in the fridge will do.

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H is for… Hydrating with a mist

Your skin is actually more able to absorb hydration and nutrients when it’s damp- this is why we suggest applying skincare as soon as your face is just a bit damp after washing. It’s similar to how a wet sponge is able to absorb more water than a dry, hard sponge. To apply the damp-skin principle to your masking treatment, try prepping your cleansed, dry face with a with a skin-loving mist infused with real rose petals. Then, pop a soothing botanical hydrogel over the base layer of hydration! We love using our Whamisa Organic Hydrogels this way to maximize the experience of using our absolute favorite masks. After you remove the mask, spritz your face again and pat until absorbed.

I is for… Infusing your mask and skin

Taking the damp-skin principle even further, we love the idea of infusing the skin with a pre-masking cocktail of ingredients to target our daily skin concerns. The sheet mask creates the perfect evaporation free barrier for ingredients to absorb into the skin.

If it’s feeling congested, spread a thin layer of Tea Tree essence on before your hydrogel. If you’re struggling with dark spots, use an aqua peeler beforehand. Think about what kind of love your skin is in need of, and choose your pre-mask infusion accordingly!

Our quick picks by skin concern:
Pores/ dark spots: Aqua Peeler
Blemishes or oiliness: Tea Tree Essence
Dull Skin: Vita Propolis Ampoule
Dry skin that needs a boost of radiance: Primary Raw Lumpoule

Wanna go even crazier? Try using a rubber mask instead of a sheet mask and adding a few drops of your chosen ‘booster’ beforehand. You’re welcome!

L is for… Leaving it on

If your skin is in dire need of a pick me up that only masking can provide, opt for something that will stay moist for longer than a typical sheet mask. The Blossom Jeju petal masks stay at peak absorption level for around 45 minutes- 15 minutes longer than a typical sheet mask. The unique two step treatment nourishes and floods the skin with brightening hydration that’s equally perfect after a day at the beach or a day at the office. For your regular sheet masks, remember to remove it after 20~30 minutes as a dried out sheet mask will actually start to whisk away critical moisture from the skin.

L is for… Lounging

Once you’ve got that mask on, just chill. You deserve it! If you’re using a Sea Kelp mask, make sure you’re laying down and letting gravity do all the work. Throw on a pair of dark circle eliminating eye patches after you’re done with your first mask of the weekend. You can shoot us your #SheetMaskSelfie on instagram so we can see how you’re getting your Glow on… we’ll just be over here rewatching My Love From Another Star in an air conditioned room. 🙂

Get your glow on,

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