Ready, Set, Cleanse! The Best Oil Cleanser For Your Skintype

Not sure which cleansing oil is best for you? We’ve covered why oil cleansing is important and how to do the K-beauty double cleanse, and we’ve curated three very different oil cleansers that can help you complete your double cleansing regimen- but what’s the difference between them? Our family of oil cleansers is ever-growing as we happen upon new formulations that we love. Keep reading to find your new favorite below!

First things first:

Technique is the realest. Check out our video on how to do the K-Beauty Double Cleanse:

Whamisa Organic Flowers Cleansing Oil

Base Oils: Hazel Seed, Olive and Avocado

Texture: Thin, less viscous

Scent: Sweet grass and florals

Why we love it: The Organic Flowers Cleansing oil is one of the thinnest, least oily feeling oil cleansers I’ve ever used. Thin as a basic oil with no additives, it dissolves makeup and sebum effectively while smelling beautifully of grass and spring flowers (all natural fragrance for the win!). The addition of beautifying plant extracts and botanicals elevated this cleansing oil to OG status soon after Glow Recipe’s launch, heavy hitters including brightening peony and licorice along with fermented Dandelion and Chrysanthemum extracts to deeply nourish the skin.

A good cleansing oil calms and balances the skin while removing oil based impurities like SPF, makeup and sebum. Hazelnut oil is full of skin essential fatty acids to help nourish dry and depleted skin, and Avocado oil is even more dense in these fatty acids and antioxidants. Olive oil adds texture and emollience to the formula, along with soothing hydration from natural skin-identical moisturizer Squalene.

Who it’s perfect for: Light makeup wearers, specifically those with normal skin or anti aging concerns.

Yuripibu Grante Cleansing Oil

Base Oils: Corn, Green Tea Seed, Soybean

Texture: Mid-weight, viscous, very emollient + spreadable

Scent: Faint notes of Bergamot

Why we love it: The natural emollience of corn oil makes this first cleanser an ideal choice for people looking to remove thicker foundations and waterproof eye makeups by minimizing oil-to-skin friction and tugging. Naturally a gentle oil with Vitamin E and skin-conditioning linoleic acid, both Soybean and Corn oils are ideal oils to include in a mixture with the eponymous Green Tea Seed oil.  True to K-beauty tradition, “Green Tea” has been shortened to “Grante”- the star oil in the triad that packs a clarifying and toning punch, full of antioxidant power to kick start an evening routine! This is also the perfect oil to use for an oil massage to gently cleanse the pores.

Who it’s perfect for: Heavy makeup wearers and/or religious SPFers, specifically those with drycombination or oily skin looking for a more balancing first cleanse.

Blossom Jeju Camellia Soombi Cleansing Oil

Base Oils: Camellia Flower Oil

Texture: Mid-weight, full bodied and viscous

Scent: Fresh Jasmine

Why we love it: Hints of this natural Jasmine scent are a luxe way to start makeup removal, and this bare bones, 5-ingredient cleansing oil is perfect for sensitive skin that’s interested in pure, rich antioxidant power. More endowed with antioxidant and healing power than many other oils, Camellia Oil has a long history of being used to strengthen and fortify the skin. Duly enriched wwith Omegas 3, 6, and 9, the Soombi Cleansing oil removes even tough waterproof mascara while combating dry skin and patchiness. It is also the perfect choice for trouble prone skin because of it’s deeply nourishing and healing properties!

Who it’s perfect for: Moderate to Heavy makeup wearers, specifically those with sensitive or troubled skin; those looking for a minimal ingredient list.

Let us know in the comments which oil cleanser is your HG!

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