Product Review: Whamisa’s Organic Hydro-Gel Mask

Whamisa Hydrogel Sheet Mask packaging
While we have many a product obsession at Glow Recipe, the team definitely tries to find every excuse possible to ‘test’ the Whamisa Hydro-gel Sheet Masks.

“Oh, a new version with tomato and fruit extracts? I think I should try this out…(for the 10th time)”

Long before sheet masks became a staple in Korean skincare regimes, geishas would boil water underneath a blend of flowers and herbs and capture the steam on a piece of kimono silk, which they would then apply to the face. Sheet masks have come a long way since. At first various fabrics, then micro-fabric, then 100% cotton, now sheet masks come in next-gen textures, include hydro-gel, bio-cellulose and even sea kelp – and they are rapidly gaining popularity in the states as a DIY facial…with instant results.

Whamisa’s Hydro-gel sheet masks are soaked in a blend of fermented botanicals (fruits, flowers and seeds) and are created with 95% organic ingredients. They come in convenient, individually sealed packettes.

Whamisa hydrogel sheet mask open
Once you open the packaging, there is serum left in the bottom of the sheet mask packaging. Whamisa’s labs recommend to apply this serum to the face before applying the hydro-gel sheet mask for amplified results.

Whamisa Hydrogel Mask inside essence

Then remove the white plastic backing from the translucent hydro-gel sheet mask. Apply to the face and smooth down the mask to fit facial contours. Leave on for 15~20 minutes and then remove. Continue with your usual skincare routine of serum and moisturizer afterwards. For sheet masks we don’t recommend using a wipe-off toner since you’ll wipe away the beneficial skincare ingredients left on the skin (mists and treatment essences are ok!).

Whamisa Hydrogel Sheet Mask Texture 2

Hydro-gel masks tend to be more expensive than cotton masks as the entire sheet mask is created of skin beneficial essences. The great thing about Whamisa’s hydro-gel masks are that they adhere to the face better than cotton sheet masks, which help the delivery of the serum. They are also easy to use when you are on the computer or reading (sitting up!) – Dana, our intern, also likes to use them in the morning after showering, and while she’s drying and styling her hair. Afterwards she simply pats on serum, moisturizer and a BB Cream with SPF, which she says adheres better when her skin is hydrated and plump from her ‘hydro-gel facial’.

Whamisa Sheet Mask onDana during her morning routine (she’s a little shy!)

Hydro-gel sheet masks are also translucent, so a few of our team members like to use them on the plane for a “more-discreet-than-white-cotton-sheet-mask” in-flight skincare routine.

When choosing a sheet mask, another critical element is the blend of ingredients that it is soaked in – this is ultimately what is being continuously delivered to the skin. We also avoid sheet masks that contain parabens, mineral oils and synthetic dyes & fragrances since you are literally ‘wrapping’ your face in this essence for a good 15 minutes. Whamisa’s sheet masks are drenched in a blend of 95% organic fruit, flowers and seed extracts such as Aloe Vera, Tomato, Rice, Chrysanthemum and are free of harsh ingredients. The carefully prepared sheet mask serum is also fermented, a process which helps to break down ingredients for maximum absorption and efficacy, as well as increase ingredient potency.

Whamisa’s Organic Hydro-gel Sheet Masks feel cool to the touch and create a soothing moisture barrier across the skin, locking in hydration and essential skincare ingredients. They can be applied for up to 20 minutes. (FYI, never use a sheet mask until it gets dry as it will start to reabsorb moisture from the skin – more is not necessarily better in this case). As the skin absorbs the beneficial ingredients, the sheet mask will actually become thinner after use.

The results? Skin is hydrated, brighter, plumped and more supple.
Our verdict? Good-bye paper sheet masks, hello organic Hydro-gel. 🙂

Get your glow on,
The Glow Recipe Team

We were not paid or perked for this post, all opinions are our own. 

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