Product Review: J.One Jelly Pack

If you are familiar with Korean television dramas, then Ha Jiwon’s name should be a familiar one – she starred in the much-loved romance Secret Garden, among other titles. Besides being known for her acting chops, Ha Jiwon’s flawless skin has been the source of envy for years. Now, she is sharing her beauty secrets with her own line of skincare products that she swears by for clear, youthful, and bright skin.

The J.One Jelly Pack is a new, multitasking innovation that simplifies your everyday skincare routine. It combines your morning skincare routine, a mask and a primer all-in-one. Ha Jiwon developed this after years of spending hours in morning trying to make her skin look its best for photo & film shoots – her dream was to have a step that did it all, and after working with one of Korea’s top labs for many months, she finally created this special formula.


Bare-faced and beautiful, Ha Jiwon shows off her J.One Jelly Pack

The Look:

The bottle itself is a minimalist design that would fit right in on any beauty shelf. The cap reveals a pump underneath, which is how the product is dispensed. When pumping out the product, you’ll immediately notice that the gel has a thicker consistency but it melts into skin when spread thinly.

Clean and simple packaging; the cap reveals a pump


Look how fluid the gel looks! Its a fully transparent and scent-free gel.

The Application:

When I first pumped out the jelly pack, I assumed it to be a watery gel that could be easily rubbed into skin. I was surprised when I was met with a little bit of resistance due to the pack’s more viscous, almost honey-like texture. I couldn’t quite figure out to apply it onto my face (admittedly, I’m a bit of a product noob), so I decided to learn how to do it straight from the expert. Ha Jiwon demonstrated how she uses the jelly pack on Get It Beauty, a popular Korean beauty program, and it really made all the difference.

First, she liberally pumps the product onto the back of her hand. (I think I counted five pumps, but the Glow Recipe team recommends 1-2 pumps)


Next, she broadly sweeps a thick layer of the pack across her cheeks, forehead and nose. You can see how light and watery the gel becomes when she applies it. For reference, she applied the pack immediately following cleansing.


After letting the product absorb for a few seconds, she does the most important step – patting the product into her face with a light, massaging motion. She added that you should say positive affirmations such as ‘I look great today!’ while doing this, but I skipped this step as I couldn’t stop laughing. (I’m all for the power of positive thinking though!)


Following her steps made the application so much easier. The sticky resistance I was met with earlier was gone, as the texture of the product liquefied when I swept it across my face. As I was waiting for the pack to absorb, there was a definite cooling effect that felt as if I just applied toothpaste onto my skin (which, for the record, I would never do!). Nicknamed a “corset pack,” the formula also wraps itself around the skin for a mini-lifting effect.

The true magic of this product is when you apply your sunscreen, BB or foundation with sunscreen on top – the formula ‘grips’ the make up, making skin after application silky smooth.

The Performance:

I tested the pack as an all-in-one product, where in the morning I would cleanse, apply the pack, and then go about my day. Besides the cooling and tightening effects, it also kept me moisturized without feeling sticky or caked on. As someone who only leaves herself ten minutes to get ready for the day every morning, this pack was a blessing. And it was especially useful for those sleep deprived nights. Usually I’d dread putting on BB the next morning after a long night, knowing that it might look a little cakey and pill, but the J.One Jelly Pack would help the BB Cream application go on seamlessly.

When to use it:

This is a true multi-tasker. You can use it alone after cleansing in the morning and go straight to UV protection and makeup. Or another way to use it is as the last step of your skincare routine, both morning and night as it creates a great moisture barrier on skin. When used at night, especially considering how cold it has been the past few days, I applied a night cream on top for extra protection and woke up to still hydrated, ‘jelly’ like skin. Use it on delicate areas like the neck and chest to keep these areas firm and hydrated.


  • Unique gel texture that melts into skin with gentle patting
  • All-in-one product that hydrates, lifts, primes the skin
  • A true ‘makeup / sunscreen gripper’

My skin might not be exactly like Ha Jiwon’s, but it definitely became the best version of itself. Sound off in the comments about your skincare icons and their beauty secrets!

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