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Product Review: Earth’s Recipe Dual Hydrating Liposome Essence

I am constantly looking for ways to revamp and boost my skincare routine; whether its adding products, steps, or combining the two, I am always on the look out for the newest, hottest trends. My latest gem of a find, that looks like a little gem itself, is Earth’s Recipe’s Dual Hydrating Liposome Essence.

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Formulated with the star ingredient of Earth’s Recipe’s line, Tremella Mushroom, this essence is supposed to be super hydrating and ‘skin plumping’. Having voluminous skin that looks as though it has been filled with hydration from the inside out, giving it a firm and healthy appearance, is currently one of the most sought after looks of Korean women.

Tremella Mushroom is a moisture binding, anti-inflammatory agent that is active with polysaccharides allowing it to hold up to 500x its weight in water. When Tremella mushroom is dried, which is one of the ways that people see it the most in market places or even on their parent’s dinner-time ingredient lists, it can be restored to its natural state when rehydrated. When resoaked, Tremella blossoms almost instantly to its original, supple state showing its ability to retain and deliver intensive amounts of hydration.

Liposomes. When I used to think liposomes I would get flash backs to college biology classes. But after a little deep dive I learned that these active molecules are actually responsible for carrying the nutrients and hydration that the Dual Hydrating Essence delivers to skin to cells deep within the skin’s surface. Liposomes are fatty molecules that fortify themselves around a substance acting to deliver its effects safely and quickly to tissue, meaning that the hydrating and revitalizing effects of this essence can be seen immediately in a more radiant, healthy complexion.

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When I first dispensed a pea sized amount of this essence onto my fingertips I was pleasantly surprised by its milky coloring, yet bouncy light weight feel. It was as if you could tell just how condensed and potent the ingredients in this product were. Now I am very picky about my essences, I don’t like anything that feels like it sits on my skin for too long, so I was very pleased when I began gently patting this onto my skin how quickly it absorbed and left behind a subtle glow that lasted me through the rest of my work day and never felt like it was bearing down on my skin.

I like to think of the Earth’s Recipe Dual Hydrating Essence in the same way as the Tremella Mushroom that it is packed with. This little bottle holds a crazy amount of hydration and nourishment that instantly blossom your dehydrated, dulled skin into a volumized, supple, and glowing complexion.

Get Your Glow (And Liposome) On!

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