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Probiotics….for the skin?


It’s well known that probiotics are good for the body – these live microorganisms found in yogurt and other fermented foods boost the ‘friendly bacteria’ in your gut. In modern day, stress, work, travelling, taking antibiotics all take a toll on the body’s bacteria balance, so probiotics are a must keep the body healthy and reduce inflammation.

Adding probiotics to your diet isn’t as hard as you may think – yogurt, kefir, pickles, sauerkraut and even kimchi can be a good supply of live cultures.

Our favorite source of probiotics? Image: gwangju kimchi


But did you know probiotics could also benefit the skin? 

Good Morning America stated in a recent article that:

“Probiotics may be the next big thing in skin care treatments….Probiotics in topical products can also act as a protective shield for your skin’s surface, keeping your skin healthy and putting a halt to future breakouts, the early research shows….

“The skin is the largest organ in the body and when it’s compromised, then moisture can get out and bad bacteria can get in,” Bowe says. “Probiotics can help keep the bad bacteria out and the good in.”

Styleblazer also featured the benefit of probiotics in skincare, quoting Dr. Raj, a gastroenterologist:

“Topical application of probiotics also helps strengthen natural skin defenses, lower the stress level in the skin and re-balance the skin’s pH level…By calming inflammation and acting as a barrier that forms a protective shield for the skin’s surface, probiotics are also effective in targeting wrinkles and skin-aging aggressors. They can also help to hydrate aging skin, improve its elasticity and reduce sensitivity and sun damage.”

Probiotics has been a staple in the Korean diet with Kimchi, dwenjang soup and the cult drink Yakult. It’s no surprise that Korea also offers probiotic skincare – our favorite is Leejiham’s Probiotic Sleeping Cream, which was recently featured in Styleblazer.


This cream is formulated with 50% probiotics extracts, which help to neutralize free radical damage and also soothes skin, improving uneven skin tone and the appearance of pores. It also contains a blend of glacier extracts and acai berry which help to rejuvenate skin and plankton extract to minimize surface sebum that appears overnight. This unique cream can be used either as a moisturizer or as a ‘sleeping mask’, meaning that you can choose to apply a little bit more than usual as a overnight leave-on mask and then rinse off in the morning for glowing skin. ($48, 50ml)

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